About Us

Boutique Travel Experts was founded in 2018 on a franchise model. The company has been created to share the passion we have as a team for the destinations we fell in love with.

Our mission is to make authentic travel accessible. We believe that smaller accommodation with a traditional character plays a huge role in understanding the country you are visiting. Therefore, we choose to offer boutique hotels, smaller and homelier, as opposed to large impersonal resorts. Our destination experts spend a lot of time selecting the properties, aiming to give an impartial voice, a personal service and practical solutions to each traveller’s needs.

Madagascar is the first destination on our map. We will soon offer holidays in many countries across the globe, since we have both lived in and visited many more exiting destinations. We encourage you to get off the ‘beaten track’ where possible and explore with our help.

Our Team

Our travel experts are our aces. The team is made of 8 world explorers with a passion for travel and discovery. Each one of the team is fully responsible for knowing their holiday destination inside out. We enjoy the freedom of being based around the globe, in this way enriching our country knowledge and gaining a first-hand experience on everything happening there. With travel in our veins, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to visiting interesting places and learning about the local way out there. Our main office is in London, but most of our travel experts have the freedom to work from different countries, such as South Korea, Saint Lucia, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Greece, The Netherlands, and Mauritius.

Having travelled to over 70 countries all together – we can truly say that the whole world feels at home for us.  We know our destinations well. Our small team is well trained in travel management, and we also bring along a hinge of our multicultural personalities, resourcefulness and creativity. Above all, we are dedicated and kind-hearted, so we will listen to your personal requests with care and will go beyond to make your holiday a memorable one. If your favourite style of travel is tailor-made, we are here for you.

Our Travel Experts

Gabriela in Jordan
Sabrina in Saint Lucia
Elena in Ghana

Jordan Expert

Mauritius Expert

Caribbean Expert

Madagascar Expert

Pania in Chapada Diamantina
Jungyeon in Korea

Brazil Expert

South Korea Expert

Ethiopia Expert

Bolivia Expert

Trading Name: Boutique Travel Experts | Company Name: Boutique Tours LTD | Company Number: 11345387