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Amazon Rainforest Cruise

Amazonas | Brazil

A revolutionary luxury small sustainable boat in the Brazilian Amazon, departing from Manaus. Probably one of the best ways to experience the rainforest. Get to remote areas and treat yourself to the beauty of nature.

This eco boat runs 100% on solar power electricity & state-of-the-art water treatment. A true feat of green engineering to guarantee that its ecological footprint is kept to the minimum. Diesel and plastic bottles are not used at all. The water used on the boat comes from the river, being treated, filtrated and purified several times. The sewage is treated, transformed and returned clean into the river.

The cuisine aboard the boat is prepared by international chefs who blend Amazonian ingredients with modern techniques. Fine wines, specialty beers and local caipirinhas with tropical fruits are served with the meals.

The boat has 3 floors. There are eight comfortable and spacious (18 sqm) suites, located in the middle area of the ship, each one with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Each room can be configured into a double or a twin. There are satellite phones and panoramic windows with extraordinary views of the Amazon. The upper floor has a spacious living and dining room and an open lounge.

Pristine rivers, fascinating wildlife, exuberant flora, and inspiring natives eager to share their heritage – start an adventures of a lifetime to encounter the spirit and heart of the Amazon, the world’s biggest freshwater reservation. The Amazon rainforest has the most amazing biodiversity on the planet. You can observe wild animals in their natural habitat and see thousands of bird and fish species. 

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