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Amazon Emotions Lodge

Presidente Figueiredo | Brazil

A private small jungle lodge in the Brazilian Amazon, located in the area of Presidente Figueiredo. Perfect place for a romantic couple's getaway, in full privacy, with the charm of the rainforest

Location: Amazon Emotions Lodge is located on a very large private property in the middle of a pristine rainforest, in the region of Presidente Figueredo, about 140 km north of Manaus.

Getting there: It usually takes around 2 hours to get to the lodge by road from Manaus.

Structure: Amazon Emotions Lodge is a small luxury jungle hotel offering full privacy and intimacy, a combination of exotic and rustic beauty. The lodge is perched on a ridge overlooking a valley, accommodating up to 8 people in 2 traditional wooden cabins. There are several rooms with panoramic views. The rooms are Wi-Fi free, but are equipped with private bathrooms and flush toilets. The rooms are naturally ventilated and the spacious balconies offer panoramic views over the forest canopy below. Meals are prepared with local produce in an open-air kitchen with wood stove. 

Why stay here: Amazon Emotions Lodge is a private remote lodge where you can have the place just for yourself, enjoying great personalized service of the small team of staff. They have taken sustainability to heart and are involved in numerous conservation projects through marvellous rainforest excursions. Being located in a hilly terrain away from the river, gives a different perspective on the forest.

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