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Canto Leela

Serra Grande | Brazil

A boutique small beach lodge on the Brazilian coast, one of the best places for taking it slow and relax. Perfect place to learn yoga and recharge your batteries.

Location: Canto Leela is a small beach hotel located in the beautiful area of Serra Grande, in the state of Bahia, Brazil.

How to get here: Canto leela is placed midway between the city of Ilheus and the town of Itacare. The closest airport is in Ilheus (IOS). The transfer to the lodge takes 35 min.

Structure: Canto Leela has six charming wooden bungalows, in various sizes for couples, friends or families with a private chef and an exclusive service. Built in harmony with nature, the bungalows are surrounded by coconut trees, against the backdrop of the tropical rainforest. There is a 80 sqm  wooden floor studio  surrounded by a lush forest, for yoga, meditation or dancing. There is a natural ecological swimming pool, without the use of chemical materials. The pool water is clear thanks to the water plants, fish and a filtering system.

Why staying here: Come for a relaxing atmosphere, to recharge your body and soul, for yoga holidays with a professional yoga instructor, massages, taichi, surf lessons, etc. In the afternoon you are free to explore the lovely beaches of Itacarezinho, Havaizinho and Engenhoca, waterfalls, cocoa farms, chocolate factory, the Atlantic rainforest in Conduru national  park, Itacare and more. You can get immersed in the local culture participating in social activities in the village such as capoeira, drumming circles and forro dancing. In town you can visit the local organic market, as well as the monthly art and food fair.

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