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Casa da Arvore

Alter de Chao | Brazil

A unique tree house in the rustic village of Alter de Chao, beautifully built to give a unique experience of the rainforest, only a few minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in the rainforest, often called the 'Caribbean of the Amazon'.

Location: Casa da Arvore is located in the small rustic town of Alter de Chao in the state of Para, Brazil. The location is within an environmentally preserved area of the Amazon rainforest and very close to the beach of Lago Verde (only 2 minutes on foot). 

How to get here: Getting to Alter de Chao is relatively easy. The nearest airport is Santarém (STM) which is 30 minutes by car.

Structure: Casa da Arvore is a private unique two floor wooden tree house which can accommodates up to 8 guests. There are two kitchens, two bathrooms and open rooms. The kitchens are equipped with all the utensils so you can buy your food and make it at home in complete privacy. There are autonomous entrances, which allows full privacy.

Why staying here: The balcony surrounds the entire house, giving direct contact with nature. Relax in the floating hammock, enjoying lush views! Without leaving the house you will see monkeys, colorful birds, iguanas and butterflies. This is one of the best places to stay in Alter de Chao. A great choice for couples and for total privacy.

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