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Casa de Perainda

Trancoso | Brazil

Casa de Perainda is a very exclusive and private space with 06 charming houses, located near the historic center of Quadrado in Trancoso, 20-minute walk from the beach. Perfetc for families and group of friends.

Location: Casa de Perainda is located in Trancoso, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The hotel sits within a walking distance from the centre, Quadrado, and a 20-minute walk from the beach. Originally an Indian fishing community, Trancoso was founded by the Jesuit priests in 1583 and the famous church of St John the Baptist of the Indians was built on the site of the original 16th construction, at the top of a cliff overlooking a never-ending turquoise sea. From here it is just a short walk down to the beaches and bars of Nativos, Trancoso and Coqueiros. Boutique shops and restaurants now inhabit the colourful former fishermen’s cottages round the Quadrado. During most of the year it’s pretty laid back here, but at New Year and Carnival it’s pretty packed with Brazilian tourists!

How to get here: Trancoso lies an hour’s drive to the south from the balsa or ferry which brings you over the River Buranhém from Porto Seguro. In Trancoso there is also an airstrip for private flights and a helipad.

Structure: Casa de Perainda has 5 spatious houses. The houses confortably accomodate up to 6 people. Here you will feel the respect for nature, architecture, art and regional customs. The houses have rustic roofs, deocarted with tiles, reused wood, doors and windows from old cocoa farms. The swimming pool, the gardens and the verandas with their hammocks and sun loungers invite you to relax, read and rest. All rooms are comfortable, with air conditioning, Sky TV, Mini-bar, hairdryer, digital safe, air sterilizer, queen or single beds and open bathrooms that make the stay a unique and stimulating experience. In the outdoor area there is a private pool with deck, sun loungers and a balcony. The TV room accommodates 02 extra beds comfortably.

Why staying here: Casa de Perainda is one of the most intimate houses in Trancoso, located in the historical center of Quadrado. Service is warm, efficient and courteous. Perfect for those looking for intimacy and a romantic place to spend the vacation.

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