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Desafio Boat

Manaus | Brazil

A luxurious small boat operating weekly departures from Manaus on different scenic routes deep inside the forest and offering an intimate personal experience

Desafio Boat is a 34-meter three-mast sailing ship, offering a high standard of cruise services in the Amazon region. The cruise will start in Manaus, navigating deep into the Amazonian rain forest.

With only 12 cabins the ship can accommodate 24 passengers, ideal for those who want to explore the Amazon with just a handful of other people. Desafio’s ability to discover the peaceful tributaries of the Amazon where larger vessels cannot navigate is a great advantage. There are only two double cabins and 10 twin cabins: 6 external cabins on the upper deck and 6 internal cabins on the lower deck.

Daily explorations include trips in small-motorized boats where you can learn how to fish piranha or how to spot crocodiles in the water. Some programs also include meeting the locals and trekking through the rain forest. Back on board enjoy the rich Amazonian cuisine served in the panoramic restaurant. Relax and soak up the scenery and the unique atmosphere from the sun deck.

Amazon… the very sound of it evokes images of jungle adventure, igniting the imagination like no other region in the world! Discover the mighty Amazon rainforest in comfort and style, from the board of a ship, where the scenery changes as the vessel advances and navigates through the channels.

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