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Fazenda Uniao

Rio das Flores | Brazil

One of the best preserved coffee farmhouses in Brazil, located in Rio das Flores, surrounded by beautiful green hills. Super charming suites with a chic decor. Travel back in time to discover the history of this region and the coffee cycles. Taste delicious organic recipes.

Location: Hotel Fazenda Uniao is located in Rio das Flores in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is one of the best preserved coffee farmhouses in Brazil. The farmhouse is surrounded by a magnificent countryside landscape. Today the farm reflects customs and traditions of the past times.

How to get here: The closest airport is Rio de Janeiro (GIG) which is under 3 hours away. Hotel Fazenda Uniao is located in the city of Rio das Flores, a small and pleasant district of Rio de Janeiro located in the mountainous region, which brings together the largest number of preserved historic coffee farms. Besides the historical buildings, Rio das Flores has several waterfalls, trails and panoramic viewpoints. In the centre, all roads lead to the charming Church of Santa Tereza D’Avila.

Structure: The hotel is impeccably built, keeping memories of the coffee cycle. Dating back to the 19th century, this historic building has been fully renovated. An attempt was made to preserve the centenary trees and the botanical preferences of the exquisite colonial period. The furniture was recovered and acquired at auctions, antique dealers and tireless insertions throughout the valley region. This is a place where natural beauty meets history. There are 24 super comfortable suites divided into 5 categories. All the rooms are equipped with LED TV, hot / cold air conditioning and a minibar. Some have a digital fireplace and a hydro. Every Saturday it is feijoada day. The recipes are selected and prepared with refinement making a special experience out of food. There is an excellent wine cellar as well.

Why staying here: Hotel Fazenda Uniao is an example of Brazilian rural farmhouses from the times of the coffee barons. It is one of the best preserved properties in Brazil.

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