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Jacare-Acu Boat

Novo Airao | Brazil

A small boat in the Brazilian Amazon, departing from Novo Airao. Probably one of the best ways to experience the rainforest. Get to remote areas and treat yourself to the beauty of nature.

Take a flight to Manaus (MAO) and then a transfer of around 3-hour or a 45 min scenic flight over the Anavilhanas Archipelago to the city of Novo Airao, where the cuising starts.

Jacaré-Açu has 8 private cabins with a maximum capacity of 16 pax. There are 4 double and 4 twin bed (bunk beds) cabins. All cabins have a private bathroom and air conditioning.

The boat is cruising in the most protected areas of the Brazilian Amazon with lush green vegetation, beautiful water trails in canoes. Igapó are formed during the  flooded season (April to August) and beaches appear during the dry season (September through March). Encounter giant trees, swim in the Negro River, observe tucanos, pink dolphins and caymans. During the cruising you will visit the National Parks of Anavilhanas and Jaú. Discover the remote regions and riverside communities with their traditions and way of life.

The Amazon is one of the last borders where nature is still there to be noticed in its deepest beauty and greatness. Negro river has a calm and slow stream. All around there is beauty and it is very safety to travel on this river. There are hardly any mosquitoes due to the acidity of the water. You will definitely see the remote regions with protected lush green vegetation.

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