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Marvels of Jalapao & Serras Gerais

This 9-day guided tour will take you off the beaten track, to the enchanting state of Tocantins, in Brazil. Jalapão with its natural hot water pools is surprising, intense, unlike anything you’ve ever known! And the nearby Serras Gerais is the lost land of spectacular canyons and waterfalls. This lush rustic paradise is located in the heart of the dry Brazilian savannas, the cerrado. Discover dramatic canyons, big golden sand dunes, dozens of crystalline natural pools where you can float without sinking, colorful waterfalls and exotic flowers. This place is a fascinating destination! Relax and float in the sensational fervedouros. The waters are refreshing and cool – a perfect escape from the hot sun. Marvel at the beautiful crystalline waterfall of Cachoeira do Formiga. Enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the Brazilian savannah. Meet the friendly locals who are very welcoming and warmhearted. 4×4 driving is required in most places due to the unpaved sandy roads. On this itinerary accommodation will be in clean comfortable tents, as hotels in this area are limited. This is a great adventure itinerary for nature lovers and for explorers who love discovering spectacular landscapes. It is perfectly suitable for adventurous couples, families travelling with teenage children who can compromise between adventure and comfort, senior travellers who are used to camping. We can tailor this itinerary to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities, if needed.

09 Days – From £2,250 per person 

*equivalent in USD, EUR accepted

Itinerary: Palmas, Jalapao, Palmas

  • Price is per person, based on two people sharing in a double/twin room
  • Accommodation with breakfast (more hotels HERE)
  • All the excursions mentioned in the itinerary 
  • All transfers by car on a private basis
  • Entrance & guiding fees 
  • All mandatory local taxes
  • Visa, where applicable
  • International Flights (See Flights to Brazil)
  • Domestic Flights 
  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Meals not mentioned in the description

International flights are not included in the package price. We give you the freedom to book the flights yourself, use miles and choose your preferred airline, and if you are stuck we can help you find the right connections. Return flights to Brazil start from £800 per person, depending on the connections and time of the year. Fly to Palmas (PMW).

For families and groups (starting with 5 pax), we can book domestic flights in Brazil, during the high season, and if the trip is part of a more complex itinerary. This is to ensure a seamless travel and no complications.

Send us a message on WhatsApp or email us at to check availability, discuss your preferences and get a quote.

This is a sample itinerary and prices are correct at the time of writing. We can tailor it to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities. More days can be added. Other hotels can be chosen, according to your liking.

* You can also add in:

  • Fervedouro Buriti, with a heart shape and a green-blue shade
  • Fervedouro Licuri, recently discovered small whirlpool
  • Fervedouro do Rio Sono, the greenish natural pool of a squared shape with huge pressure  and colder temperatures
  • Fervedouro do Encontro das Águas, with a whitish color and the strongest water pressure
  • Fervedouro Borboleta, hidden gem and less known

You can also combine this trip with other sights in Brazil, like the cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro, the exciting Amazon rainforest, the fascinating Pantanal, the culture of Bahia or the deep canyons of the south. For more travel inspiration check these itineraries.

You can visit Jalapao year round. The best time is at the beginning of the dry season (May, June and July) for pleasant weather and waterfalls with a good volume of water. From May to September it is dry, and it rains between October and April.

To avoid unpleasant weather surprises, we recommend to check our Brazil Weather Guide to plan your trip in the right season. Click on the month you want to travel in and see the tours which are best for each month of the year. 

Day 1 - Palmas to Jalapao

Today you will arrive in Palmas, the capital of Tocantins. You will be met at the airport and transferred to Jalapão. Make a stop in Taquarussu (30 min away), at the exuberant Roncadeira waterfall, a very pleasant place where you can try rappelling and take a refreshing waterfall dip. After swimming, enjoy a delicious cerrado lunch. After lunch, depart to the lush Canyon of Sussuapara, which is really unique in this hot and dry region of cerrado (2 hours). At the bottom of the canyon, a small waterfall of cold water helps to refresh and give an aquatic massage. Continue to the hotel (30 min), check-in and spend the evening at leisure. Overnight in Ponte Alta do Tocantins.

Canion do Sussuapara, Brazil

Day 2 - Lagoa do Japonês & Pedra Furada

In the morning, when there are no crowds, visit Lagoa do Japonês (1,5 hours), a huge pool of crystal clear green water. There is a cave in the right corner of the pond where you can watch the water change color from very green to darker blue. After refreshing yourself in the lagoon, enjoy a delicious lunch at Dona Almerinda’s restaurant. In the evening, head back to Ponte Alta and stop to watch the sun set over the incredible Pedra Furada rock formation on a short accessible trail. From the top, enjoy stunning views of the region! During sunset, the sun hides in the hole, creating a beautiful view. Overnight in Ponte Alta do Tocantins.


Day 3 - Serras Gerais

In the morning, head to the south to discover Serras Gerais, a stunning park. Start at Canion Encantado and take an easy trail in the park (5 km). In 40 minutes you will reach Prainha do Elias, which has a beautiful and surprising view. Several rainbows form at the waterfalls. Take an energizing swim to cool off. On the way back, stop at Mirante do Cânion Encantado for a beautiful view. After lunch, walk to Cidade de Pedras, where sandstone rocks have been carved by wind and rain over thousands of years (4.5 km). Following the trail, arrive at Cachoeira dos Pelados with super blue water. Return to the hotel and spend the evening at leisure. Overnight in Ponte Alta do Tocantins.

Cânion Encantado, Tocantins, Brazil

Day 4 - Kayaking & Dunes

In the morning, visit Cacheira da Velha (2,5 hours), a beautiful waterfall that is located near the river Rio Novo. Later, head to the idyllic river beach, to take a refreshing dip and spend a very relaxing moment, enjoying the cold and crystalline water of the river. After a delicious lunch in the quilombola community of Rio Novo, enjoy kayaking on the river. Afterward depart to the village of Mateiros (2,5 hours). At around sunset, visit the quite unusual high sand dunes, located deep in the Brazilian cerrado. During sundowners Dunas do Jalapão are orange and beautiful, creating a splendid scenery. On the way to the hotel you will pass by the beautiful Serra do Espírito Santo. Overnight in Mateiros.


Day 5 - Formiga, Ceica, Buritizinho & Macaubas

Wake up at 3 am and head to Morro Sereno (20 min), one of the best places to see the sunrise in Jalapão. Get to the top in the dark and wait for the sun to rise. What a spectacle of nature! After breakfast, swim in Fervedouro do Ceiça surrounded by lush banana trees. The water pressure is very strong and the buoyancy is incredible. Then, visit Formiga Waterfalls. Its waters are of an intense crystalline blue. After a traditional lunch, visit the small and super deep Fervedouro Buritizinho with crystal blue water, surrounded by lush trees. Continue to the green and large Fervedouro de Macaúbas. Fluctuation here is great. Overnight in São Félix do Tocantins.


Day 6 - Capao, Por Enquanto & Veredas

Today discover more incredible natural pools. The access is done in small groups and each group can stay 20 minutes in each pool. The pools are close to each other and each one is unique and has its charm. Start at the beautiful waterfall of silver water with a yellowish tone ideal for a very refreshing bath. Continue to Fervedouro Capao Grande with a very beautiful dark green tone. Then, visit Fervedouro Por Enquanto, which is quite large and has turquoise blue waters, where a delicious lunch will also be served. Then, get to know the Fervedouro Veredas which is formed by two springs, has a circular shape and very blue waters. By the way, the sunset there is amazing! Overnight in São Félix do Tocantins.

Fervedouro Jalapao, Brazil

Day 7 - Refugio, Jatoba & Araras

Today continue to be enchanted by the beauty of Jalapão. In the morning visit Refugio Coracao do Jalapao, a wonderful place with a charming fervedouro where you can float and enjoy the nature. After, take a kayak tour on the nearby river Soninho, which is located on the same property. Later, head out to Fervedouro Jatobá, a beautiful hot spring surrounded by banana trees. After swimming, were you will also have a delicious local lunch. End the day at Cacheoira das Araras, a beautiful waterfall with crystal clear water, and ideal for a super refreshing swim. Spend the evening at leisure. Overnight at Refugio Coracao do Jalapao.

Fervedouro, Jalapao

Day 8 - Alecrim, Bela Vista & Catedral

In the morning discover the splendid greenish Fervedouro Alecrim, which has several springs and different levels of fluctuation. In the main spring the pressure is higher and you can float more. To go from one spring to the other there is a wooden path that helps not to damage the environment. Then, continue to Fervedouro Bela Vista, which is blue and also one of the most beautiful in Jalapao. After lunch, continue to the imposing Mirante Serra da Catedral, a stunning rock resembling a cathedral, standing in the middle of the landscape with a panoramic view. Overnight in Formoso.


Day 9 - Departure

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Palmas airport (4,5 hours). On the way you will stop at Poço Encantado, which will surprise you by its beauty. It’s a huge natural deep pool, with dark water. In the hot Brazilian cerrado, this place is very refreshing! Take a dip. The surrounding vegetation is unique and each pool has its own characteristics and depths. This is a good place to have a delicious local lunch. After a moment of peace and relaxation, continue to Palmas airport. To balance off the journey, spend one night in the city of Palmas, the capital of Tocantins, and fly the next day. You might also like to visit Chapada das Mesas (7 hours drive).


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