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Pantanal Jaguar Safari

The Pantanal Jaguar Safari tour is a 5-day jaguar spotting trip organized in the North of Patanal, Brazil. The jaguar represents strength, claw, determination, presence and power. Come face to face with one of the most feared and one of the biggest cats on the planet. The jaguar is usually to be found in the tropical part of the Americas and is very difficult to spot in the wild. Observe this fascinating feline in its habitat, observing its movements, seeing how it hunts, how it rests, how it dominates its territory, all in the natural and wild environment of the Pantanal. The trip is organized in complete safety and in a responsible way. The trip is prepared down to the smallest detail, with personalized arrival and departure transfers to Pocone, private experienced guide, accommodation on full board basis and a fast boat to navigate the rivers. You will also see many other types of animals and birds, as the Pantanal is abundant with biodiversity. The program is an excellent choice for nature lovers, wildlife photographers, for families travelling with children, for a group of friends or couples, as well as for senior travellers. We can tailor this itinerary to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities.

05 Days – From £1,800 per person 

*equivalent in USD, EUR accepted

Itinerary: Cuiaba, Pocone, Cuiaba

  • Price is per person, based on two people sharing in a double/twin room
  • Accommodation with full board (more hotels HERE)
  • All the excursions mentioned in the itinerary 
  • All transfers by car and boat on a private basis
  • Entrance & guiding fees 
  • All mandatory local taxes
  • Visa, where applicable
  • International Flights (See Flights to Brazil)
  • Domestic Flights 
  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Meals not mentioned in the description

International flights are not included in the package price. We give you the freedom to book the flights yourself, use miles and choose your preferred airline, and if you are stuck we can help you find the right connections. Return flights to Brazil start from £800 per person, depending on the connections and time of the year. The starting point is Cuiaba Airport (CGB) which is well connected to the major cities like Sao Paulo, Brasilia and other regional airports.

For families and groups (starting with 5 pax), we can book domestic flights in Brazil, during the high season, and if the trip is part of a more complex itinerary. This is to ensure a seamless travel and no complications.

Send us a message on WhatsApp (+44 7 308 449 233) or email us at to check availability, discuss your preferences and get a quote.

This is a sample itinerary and prices are correct at the time of writing. We can tailor it to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities. More days can be added. Other hotels can be chosen, according to your liking. You can also combine this trip with other sights in Brazil, like the cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro, the culture of Bahia, the deep canyons of the south or a beach break in the North-East. For more travel inspiration check these itineraries.

What is the best season to spot the jaguar in the Pantanal?

  • Best: June to October
  • Avoid: November to March is the rainy season, and it is very difficult to see the jaguar during this time
  • Maybe: April to June is not the best season, but there are chances to see it.

To avoid unpleasant weather surprises, we recommend to check our Brazil Weather Guide to plan your trip in the right season. Click on the month you want to travel in and see the tours which are best for each month of the year. 

Day 1 - Cuiaba

Today you will arrive in Cuiaba. You will be picked up at the airport and transferred to your lodge in the Pantanal. You will take the Transpantaneira road stopping on the way to observe abundant wildlife. The trip to Porto Jofre will take around 3 to 4 hours. On this trip, the overnight stay is placed as much as possible in the jaguar observation region, in Porto Jofre. Hotel Pantanal Norte Porto Jofre is located at the end of the Transpantaneira, 146 km from Poconé, on the banks of Rio São Lourenço, also called Rio Cuiabá in that region. This protected region, located is the heart of the Pantanal, has the highest concentration of jaguars in the world. Overnight at Hotel Pantanal Norte Porto Jofre.

Jaguars in Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil

Day 2 - Pantanal River Safari

After a delicious local breakfast, start the river safari in search of jaguar. Cruising by boat in the northern Pantanal is a great way to spot the jaguar hunting or resting, travelling along the narrow channels and marshes. The experienced guides know the optimum speeds to use. If lucky, you can also spot entire families of this elusive feline. In this region, there has been a great success in finding the cats watching warily from the trees, basking in the sunshine or even hunting. Jaguars are keen swimmers and will often make a leap for an incautious caiman. Return for lunch or take the food with you and spend the day on the river. Overnight at Hotel Pantanal Norte Porto Jofre.

Jaguar in Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil

Day 3 - Pantanal River Safari

The Pantanal, spanning the world’s largest inland wetland area, is the best place to spot jaguars in Brazil. The landscape is open here, so the spectacular biodiversity is very easy to see. Although your main focus is to see the jaguar, you will also see many other different species, like capybaras, caimans, giant river otters, tapirs, anteaters and more. The slow river safari is also fantastic for bird watching. Some 740 bird species can be found in these unique ecosystems, from giant jabiru storks to toucans and hyacinth macaws, the world’s largest parrot. After sunset, take a night safari by car to enjoy the wildlife in the vicinity of the hotel. Overnight at Hotel Pantanal Norte Porto Jofre.

Jaguar in Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil

Day 4 - Pantanal River Safari

The trips will take place during the day, from sunrise until lunch time and after the midday break again until sunset. Meeting of the Waters State Park in the northern Pantanal is a huge reserve, but the experienced guides know the best places to spot the jaguar. Located close to Porto Jofre, at the confluence of three river systems – the Piquiri, Cuiaba and Tres Irmaos – this protected reserve has over 100 km of pristine waterway. The boats can often approach to within four or five metres from the wildlife. Sightings vary with heat, cold, rain, and seasonal water level changes. Despite the challenges, the Pantanal offers the best jaguar record in the world. Here you will also see the beautiful giant water lilies with their huge round leaves. Overnight at Hotel Pantanal Norte Porto Jofre.

Jaguar on the tree in Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil

Day 5 - Departure

Today, after breakfast you will be transferred back to the airport in Cuiaba. We suggest a departing flight in the afternoon or late afternoon to avoid a sudden and hasty departure, given that the safari region is 3 or 4 hours from the airport. Alternatively, you can stay a few more days and discover the table mountains of Chapada dos Guimaraes which is located 2,5 hours north of Pocone, as well as the waterfalls and crystalline natural pools of Bom Jardim in the Nobres region. The state of Mato Grosso is rich in different ecosystems and landscapes, from wetlands to dry cerrado and the beginning of the Amazon rainforest. It is really worth spending more time here.

Jaguars in Porto Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil

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