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Pousada Capim Santo

Trancoso | Brazil

A small boutique hotel with a rustic touch, a home from home with superb cuisine, ideal for solo travellers, friends sharing, families and couples, located in Quadrado, the modish main square of Trancoso, south of Bahia

Location: Pousada Capim Santo is located in Trancoso, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The hotel sits within a walking distance from the centre, located on one of the Quadrado’s southern corners, and a 15-minute walk from the beach. Originally an Indian fishing community, Trancoso was founded by the Jesuit priests in 1583 and the famous church of St John the Baptist of the Indians was built on the site of the original 16th construction, at the top of a cliff overlooking a never-ending turquoise sea. From here it is just a short walk down to the beaches and bars of Nativos, Trancoso and Coqueiros. Boutique shops and restaurants now inhabit the colourful former fishermen’s cottages round the Quadrado. During most of the year it’s pretty laid back here, but at New Year and Carnival it’s pretty packed with Brazilian tourists!

How to get here: Trancoso lies an hour’s drive to the south from the balsa or ferry which brings you over the River Buranhém from Porto Seguro.

Structure: Pousada Capim Santo is located in an extensive and pleasant tropical garden, combining the best of the old and the new, the chic and the laid back. There is a beautiful pool, massage suite, beautifully kept tropical gardens and eco-friendly beauty products (many of the restaurant’s herbs and spices are grown in the kitchen garden). The access to the rooms on lower floors and to garden bungalows are comfortable to use for wheelchair travellers. Most areas in the hotel are step-free. 

Why staying here: Pousada Capim Santo is one of the most traditional pousadas in Trancoso, located in the historical center of Quadrado. Service is warm, efficient and courteous and the staff seems genuinely happy to work here. Waste water and rubbish is recycled, showers powered by solar panels. The owners give back profits into a school for disadvantaged local children.

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