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Pousada Mangabeiras

Ilha de Boipeba | Brazil

Small family-run hotel, where there is great attention to detail and great service. A true paradise and an idyllic place to get away from it all!

The inn is located on the island of Boipeba, overlooking the spectacular bay, situated on a hill about 10 mins walk from the beach. Boipeba is a barefoot destination, you won’t see any cars here. The luggage is delivered by carts or wheelbarrows. Pousada Mangabeira is located at the end of the beautiful Praia da Barra beach, where the Inferno river meets the Atlantic ocean.

The facility’s large swimming pool and wooden deck are surrounded by a beautiful and inviting garden with a large variety of local flora and provide an incredible panoramic view of the sea. There are long chairs and tents for guests to sunbath or feel the breeze. The restaurant’s menu offers regional and international dishes, blending local delicacies with refined ingredients in order to provide a truly memorable gastronomic experience. Dinners are accompanied by a wine list and music. The hotel also provides spa services, with different body treatments, massages, and acupuncture.

It is a quite long journey to get here from Salvador (about 3-4 hours by road and then by boat), but it is definitely worth the effort and the whole journey is scenic and fun. There is also an option to take a small plane transfer to the island, if you want to speed the journey up! Finally, a small village is located about 20 mins walk away where you can find little restaurants with delicious local food.

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