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Tapajos River Cruise

Alter de Chao | Brazil

Small river boat in the Brazilian Amazon, departing from Alter de Chao. Probably one of the best ways to experience the rainforest. Get to remote areas and treat yourself to the beauty of nature.

Discover the white-sand beaches of Tapajos river aboard a river boat. Alter de Chao is a unique place in the Amazon forest. The closest airport is Santarem, followed by a 30 min transfer to the village and the port of embarkation.

There are three boats with a capacity of 8, 16 and 22 people. The suites are spacious, made of noble wood and equipped with cupboards, benches, coat racks and a bunk bed made up of a double bed and a single bed or a king size double bed. A specialized team of sailors, speedboat pilots, team kitchen staff, bartender, maids and host are accompanying the journeys.

Highlights of the trip: Tapajós National Forest (hiking and canoeing), Munduruku community, Urucureá community (crafts), São Marcos (cassava flour workshop), Canal do Jari. All the trips are possible to do on fixed departure dates on on a charter basis, for more comfort and flexibility. 

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