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Boutique Travel Experts is an award-winning independent tour operator that builds unique tailor-made itineraries in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South AfricaKenya, Madagascar, France and Saint Lucia. We provide a 30-minutes discovery call to all inquiries. Schedule yours today.

Enjoy the help from the best bespoke trip planers, with exclusive tailored programs and unique experiences. With our team of international travel agents, we are able to support customers throughout the world in several languages.

You can’t wait to start preparing your trip and want to share with us your first ideas and questions about your project right now ? This is the right and quickest way to go ahead! A Travel Designer will soon contact you! 

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32 Carve Ley, Welwyn Garden City, England, AL73H

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Book boutique hotels, resorts and accommodations at direct prices 

Custom Packages

Plan your ideal trip today with our experienced  travel agents and enjoy benefits

Guided Tours

Discover our destinations by joining a guided tour in small groups

Private Transfers

Private transfers to and from the airports with exclusive service

Private Tours

Guided tours run exclusively for you and your family without strangers


Start planing your exclusive, carefully thought-out and tailored honeymoon today 

It’s only natural to have some burning questions before you book your once in a lifetime trip with us. We’ve answered the most commonly asked ones below. This way, you can understand more about who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Read on for our answers on our FAQ Page

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