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Our beautiful tropical destinations offer something for every taste and interest. Are you looking for a romantic honeymoon hotel? Would you like to join a small group for taking a guided tour? Are you enjoying discovering a new place by bicycle? Are you fancying a nice beach hotel, but not too crowded, nor too big? Would you like to do a private hiking tour at your own pace and stop when and where you feel like? Would you like to take some kitesurfing classes or cooking classes? Do you enjoy guided walks, learning about the history and culture from a local person? Are you looking into an island hopping tour? We will have you sorted.

We book directly with the hotels and local service providers in Madagascar, France, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya and Saint Lucia. For more information about the best things to do, when to travel, suitable flights and pre-travel checklists, click on the destination of your choice. Selected destinations, such as Mexico and Oman, will follow soon. 

Contact us to plan your next vacation with one of our bespoke travel specialists. No mater where you are traveling from, be it Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania or Africa – we will plan your holiday the best way to find the best connections and cover all the required pre-travel preps with you.

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