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Brittany Seafood Delights

Embark on a delightful 14-day road trip through Brittany. This trip is calling all seafood enthusiasts. Experience the region’s culinary wonders featuring freshly caught fish and shellfish. This well-rounded itinerary not only satisfies your taste buds but also unveils the rich history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty of western France. Begin your adventure with the medieval charm of Rennes, Vitre and Dinan, before heading to the coast. Don’t miss the high-end dining in Saint Malo and the fresh oyster market in Cancale. Take a boat trip to the enchanting island of flowers, followed by marveling at the ever-changing colors of the giant boulders along the Granite Coast. Bask in the azure waters at Plage des Amiets, indulge in scenic hikes in Crozon and Cap Frehel, and visit charming villages with thatched roofs. Explore the Glenan Archipelago with its exotic-looking islands before ending your journey in the lively town of Vannes, boasting colorful half-timbered houses and the stunning Golf of Morbihan. Take time to visit the prehistoric site of Carnac. The trip can be done the other way around and adapted to your interests. Stay in charming small hotels and eat well in every place along the way.

14 Days – From £2,080 per person 

*equivalent in USD, EUR accepted

Itinerary: Rennes, Saint Malo, Perros Guirec, Menez Ham, Guilvinec, Glenan, Vannes and more

  • Price is per person, based on two people sharing in a double/twin room
  • Accommodation with breakfast (upgrades to superior hotels and chateaux possible)
  • 14-day car-hire with full coverage
  • App with GPS
  • Car delivery to the door of your hotel (on request)
  • Entrance tickets to all mentioned sites
  • Bicycle Hire
  • Return Boat Transfers
  • All mandatory local taxes
  • 24/7 assistance in English during your trip
  • Reservation at best seafood restaurants (payable on-site)
  • Visa, where applicable
  • International & Domestic Flights / Train Ticket 
  • Personal Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals (lunch and dinner), however reservations will be made
  • Additional kms
  • Photographer, Guide, Driver (can be arranged on request)

International flights are not included in the package price. We give you the freedom to book the flights yourself, use miles and choose your preferred airline, and if you are stuck we can help you find the right connections. Fly to Rennes (RNS) or to Nantes (NTE).

Send us a message on WhatsApp (+44 7 308 449 233) or email us at to check availability, discuss your preferences and get a quote.

This is a sample itinerary and prices are correct at the time of writing. We can tailor it to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities. More days can be added. 

The best time to visit Brittany is from late May to early September, when the weather is good and there are less chances of rain. 

Day 1 - Rennes & Vitre

Today you will land at Rennes Airport (RNS). Take a guided walk in the city of art and history, Rennes. The Brittany’s capital is a joyful, dynamic and laid-back city. It’s an ancient town, but youthful as well, thanks to its vivid young population, hipster boutiques, side-walk cafés and restaurants. Explore the town centre, with its cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses and beautiful buildings with impressive medieval facades. Head to the elegant gardens of Jardin du Thabor for a chilling time. After lunch, visit Vitre (40 min), a medieval town with a well-preserved architecture and a stunning castle, dating back to the 11th century. Overnight at Le Château D’apigné.

Vitre in Brittany

Day 2 - Dinan & Dinard

Today visit the charming town Dinan (1 hour), a walled medieval town. Explore the historic center and Rue du Jerzual, visit the imposing castle, and take a walk along the ramparts for panoramic views. Don’t miss out the little town of Léhon. After lunch, continue to the coastal town of Dinard (25 min). You’ll see the Anglo-Saxon influence everywhere: there’s a casino, Belle Époque villas, spa resorts, elegant architecture, art galleries and beautiful hotels. Dinard also offers the charm of little streets, vast panoramas and shellfish-collection at low tide! Overnight at Château Mont-Dol in the countryside.


Day 3 - Saint Malo & Cancale

Today head to Cancale (25 min), a charming fishing town, famous for oyster farming. Stroll along the waterfront, visit the unique oyster park and indulge in some fresh seafood, while watching the large and calm bay of Mont Saint Michel. The oysters from Cancale have an iodized and sweetly nutty taste and are listed as part of France’s Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Next, continue to Saint Malo (30 min), a walled city with a rich history. Explore the old narrow streets, once walked by explorers of the Route du Rhum. Relax on Saint Malo’s beautiful long beaches and try the fresh scallops. For the evening return to Château Mont-Dol.


Day 4 - Cap Frehel & Erquy

Today continue along the coast and explore the breath-taking panoramas of Brittany at Cap Fréhel and Erquy. Start the trip at Fort La Latte (1 hour) and hike along the trail towards Cap Frehel Lighthouse (2,5 hours). In summer, the meadows are covered by a colorful carpet made of yellow gorse and violet heather flowers. What a spectacle of freshness contrasting with the clear blue of the sea. After the hike you deserve a good treat for lunch. Head towards Erquy (30 min), the capital of scallops! Visit the charming port at high tide. Here you can try many types of fresh seafood. For a beautiful sunset, head towards Cap Erquy (1,5 hours roundtrip). Overnight at Edgar Hôtel & Spa.

Yellow gorse and violet heather flowers at Cap Frehel

Day 5 - Île Bréhat

Today continue to the lively Paimpol (40 min), a legendary port with a spectacular bay, sprinkled with 96 islands and islets, sheltering lobsters and shrimps. Head to Pointe de l’Arcouest and take a 15-minute boat trip to Île Bréhat, the car-free island known as the isle of flowers. Check the tides and visit the island at the high tide. Cycle along or simply walk, discovering little houses built from pink granite, tucked among the camelias and hydrangeas. Meander along the trails between moorlands and heathers, and unwind in little peaceful creeks. On your return, enjoy a good seafood dinner. Overnight at Manoir de Penn Lann.

Ile Brehat

Day 6 - Granite Coast

Today continue to the lovely historic town of Treguier (20 min), before heading to the Granite Coast (30 min). Here, spend the day discovering the spectacular trails. From Perros Guirec, hike to Ploumanac’h lighthouse (1 hour). The coastline is filled with astonishing rocks of pinkish colors. After lunch, continue hiking along the scenic coastal trail of Sentier des Douaniers to Tregastel (1 hour) with breathtaking views of the dramatic coast, hidden coves with turquoise waters. The distinctive pink against the backdrop of the deep blue sea creates a mesmerizing sight. Overnight at Manoir de Lan Kerellec.

Granite Rocks in Tregastel, Brittany, France

Day 7 - Île de Batz

Today drive to the picturesque coastal town of Roscoff (1,5 hours). Stroll along the waterfront, lined with colorful old houses and fishing boats. Next, take a short ferry ride to the nearby Île de Batz. Check the tides and visit the island when the tide is high. What a paradise with scenic beaches, peaceful paths, and beautiful gardens! Explore the island by bicycle or on foot. Visit Jardin Georges Delaselle, a botanical garden with fantastic plants from around the world. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach before heading back to Roscoff. Watch a spectacular sunset over the city. Overnight at Hôtel Brittany & Spa.

Fresh oysters in Cancale, Brittany

Day 8 - Menez Ham

Today, continue to Plage des Amiets (25 min) to dip your toes in the water and sunbathe. Spend a relaxing day on one of the most beautiful beaches of Brittany. In the afternoon, drive along artichoke fields and panoramic countryside to Menez Ham. Once arrived, search for the tiny house between the rocks. Take a stroll along wilder beaches with giant boulders and fine white sand. The colour of the water is unbelievable! At times you might think you are in Cape Town of Seychelles! You will love the fluffy bunny tail grass growing everywhere. Enjoy a peaceful sunset. Overnight at Cottage Meneham.

Beach in Meneham in Brittany, France

Day 9 - Crozon

Today visit Crozon Peninsula (1,5 hours). What a breathtaking place! Set firmly between the waters of Brest and the Bay of Douarnenez, Crozon is a paradise of flowery valleys, panoramic trails along aromatic pine trees and transparent turquoise ocean. It is a land of contrasts, with numerous rugged cliffs and creeks as well as large beaches and peaceful coves. From Camaret-sur-Mer, take a 45-min hike to Pointe de Pen-Hir, later stop for lunch in village of Roscanvel and then, enjoy the large beaches of Morgat and Telgruc-sur-Mer. Return to Morgat for a delightful seafood dinner. Overnight at Kermaria.

Coast of Brittany

Day 10 - Locronan & Guivinec

Today continue to the medieval village of Locronan (50 min). Discover the picturesque squares and taste the traditional cakes of far breton. Contiue to Bénodet (35 min), a coastal town with beautiful beaches. Walk along the promenade to the lighthouse and relax on the sandy beaches such as Plage du Trez or Plage du Coq. Next, continue to Guilvinec, a picturesque fishing village with a vibrant port. In the harbor, observe the boats returning with their catch of the day around 16:30. What a sight! Have a delightful seafood dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at Château Les Garennes.

Far Breton

Day 11 - Glenan Archipelago

Weather permitting, take a boat to the stunning Glenan Archipelago (1 hour). Here, you’ll find a paradise of crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches. Spend your day exploring the various islands by canoe, departing from Île Saint-Nicolas. Take a tour around the islands to appreciate the unspoiled beauty. You might spot seals or dolphins, if lucky. The tranquil ambiance and stunning surroundings make Glénan Archipelago an ideal place for relaxation and unwinding. Read a book or simply soak up the sun. What a beautiful place! Around 17:00, catch the boat back to Benodet (1 hour).  Overnight at Château Les Garennes.

Glenan Archipelago

Day 12 - Breton Cottages

Today visit the picturesque villages of Kercanic and Kerascoët (50 min). How cute are those thatched-roof cottages! Take a walk through the villages and enjoy the peaceful countryside, admiring the stone houses, and ever-present hortensias. Next, visit the charming village of Pont Aven (20 min), which has an artistic heritage still alive today. Take a walk through the town center, filled with art galleries, craft shops, and quaint cafés and visit Musée de Pont-Aven to see the works of artists who lived and worked here, i.e. Paul Gauguin. Continue to the lovely Saint Cado (1 hour) and have dinner in the medieval port of Saint Goustan (30 min). Overnight at Maison de la Garenne.

Kerascoet, Brittany

Day 13 - Gulf of Morbihan

Finally, the picturesque medieval city of Vannes – what a vibrant atmosphere! Enjoy the breakfast in the lively port, before taking a boat ride to explore the Gulf of Morbihan. Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful bays, sheltering a myriad of tiny islands. Sailboats bob next to traditional vessels, such as the iconic Sinagot with its rust-red sails. Discover Ile aux Moines and Ile d’Arz by bike. The islands have beautiful Breton-style cottages, flowery gardens and scenic vistas over the bay. On your return to Vannes, enjoy a stroll in the old town. Overnight at Maison de la Garenne.


Day 14 - Megaliths & Galettes

At sunrise, with the first rays of the sun, visit Carnac (30 min), one of the world’s most extensive megalithic sites with thousands of prehistoric stones. Explore the open-air alignments, dating back over 5,000 years. What a mysterious place!  Continue to Rochefort-en-Terre (1 hour), a flowery medieval village with cute half-timbered houses, art galleries and craft shops. Visit the castle, which offers panoramic views of the countryside. Enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants, savouring traditional Breton galettes and cider. Continue to Nantes Airport (NTE). The drive takes 1 hour 15 min.

Rochefort en Terre

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