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Discover our destinations through these sample package travel itineraries by selecting your preferred country. Please remember that these are only a few ideas to show the best things to do in Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa, Saint Lucia and France. We can tailor these proposed tours to suit your plans, by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities. More days can be added and other hotels can be chosen, according to your liking. We can customize everything, depending on your interests, be it birdwarching, cycling, surfing, gourmet discovery, do-nothing holiday, all active and adventurous, culture and history, architecture, a bit of everything, river cruise, honeymoon, anniversary celebrations, sailing, beach hopping, LGBT travel, photography, yoga and detox, spa and wellness, wheelchair travel and so much more. If you have questions, check our FAQ Page and Send an Enquiry to check availability and talk with our bespoke travel specialists. 


Start planing your exclusive honeymoon today, carefully thought-out and tailored 

Family Holidays

Plan your ideal family trip today with our experienced  travel agents 

Beach Holidays

Discover our tropical destinations with white sand beaches and small hotels

All Inclusive

We book transfers, hotels, excursions, meals plans, tickets


Plan a hiking guided tour, take scenic trails, opt for responsible tourism


Safari, kayaking, cycling, zip-lining, diving, snorkeling, ballooning and more

Educational trips

Customized educational retreats for small businesses seeking to connect 

Wellness Retreats

Yoga, spa, mindfulness holidays, corporate wellness retreats

Epicurean Travel

Tropical flavors, coffee, spices, cooking classes, wine-tasting, 

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