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The Great Migration & the Great Rift Valley. One of the most beautiful beaches on the East African Coast.

Kenya Tailor-Made Holidays & Tours

At Boutique Travel Experts we specialize in tailor-made tours and holidays to Kenya. We are a travel company in London whose main goal is to transform that simple vacation with family or friends into one of the best experiences you can have. We understand how important this is, and create exclusive trips, delivering excellence, specifically designing the trip to fit your travel style. During the trip, we provide assistance seven days a week, and while the itinerary is created, we are committed to respond quickly to all requests.

Sitting at the center of the equator, Kenya is filled with the kind of outdoor adventures that dreams are made of.  The warm, dry-grass smell of the hot savannah, a lion’s roar rumbling through the night, mighty peaks piercing gigantic skies, near-endless bush teeming with life – Kenya is a place that fills your nostrils with freedom and adventure. In this stunning country, you can feel the rush of adrenaline while coming face to face with predators, sleep under the stars in the wild, and experience sunny, history-rich islands along the coast, acquaint yourself with proud local cultures. From the bush to the beach, Kenya offers destinations that you’ll never forget.

Make sure to save some time to relax on the stunning beaches … oh, Diani is as good as Zanzibar, or even better. If you don’t know where to start, check our Kenya Holidays Page and speak with our Kenya Specialist for the best advice on how to use your time.

two male lions in the high grass in Masai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara

emerald waters of Diani Beach and two colorful kayaks on the sand, Kenya

Diani Beach

group of elephants in Samburu national park in Kenya


flock of pink flamingos on Lake Nakuru in Kenya

Great Rift Valley

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