Take in the savors of the big island

Indian Ocean pristine beaches. Endemic baobab trees. Off the beaten track experience. Raw. Unique.

Discover Madagascar

Madagascar – the land of the heart and mind. It’s diverse, raw, out of the ordinary and extraordinary. In Madagascar there are no highways and palaces, but the nature is five star and the luxury is hidden deep in the forest. 

An island-continent, Madagascar is the meeting point of Africa and Asia. The Malagasy represent the diversity inherited from distant migrant roots, a mystery of the past. From the swell of the Indian Ocean to the calm of the west coast, from the scents of the north to the bush of the south, no two sites are alike. 

Madagascar is the country made for wanderlusted travellers, those who are looking for the authentic, and like to go a bit further, off the beaten track. There definitely are beautiful boutique hotels here, but one needs to understand the reality of Madagascar and know what to expect. The locals often say that they live a Mora Mora life, which means a slow-paced vibe, relaxed and peaceful. You will quickly learn their way! It is addictive!

Be sure to save some time to relax on the stunning beaches and surrounding tropical islands… oh, and the seafood is tip-top here too. If you don’t know where to start, check our Madagascar Holidays Page and speak with our Madagascar Specialist, Elena, for the best advice on how to use your time.

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