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Antsanitia Resort

Majunga | Madagascar

Small beachfront resort with private pool villas, located in the north-west of Madagascar. There are not many resorts in Madagascar and this is one of the few. A good place to relax for a few days if you are visiting Mahajanga or if you want to explore off the beaten track places in Madagascar

Location: Antsanitia Resort is a small beach hotel located in Majunga, in the north-west of Madagascar. The resort is located on the banks of the Morira River, at the top of the plateau, overlooking the estuary and enjoying breathtaking views of the Mozambique Channel. From the hotel you can watch colorful pirogues with fishermen. 

How to get here: To get here you will have to fly to Mahajanga (MJN). The beautiful Antsanitia Resort is located around 1 hour to the north-west of Majunga. The road to get there is bumpy and muddy. Although only 25 km away from Majunga, it takes 1 hour to get here because of the bad road. 

Structure: The villas have a private pool, and are located in a beautiful forest with lemurs and chameleons. All the bungalows and villas have an authentic traditional decoration and they are really nice. Due to the fact that weekends can be busy at the resort, having a private villa with a pool is a great advantage. The food is amazing and the view from the restaurant is splendid. The beach has white, orange and red sand, big sand dunes and a lush green forest on the other side. The brown lemurs live just around the bungalows, they hang out in the trees and come down in the afternoon. At night you can spot nocturnal lemurs.

Why staying here: This is one of the best places to stay in Majunga. This resort promotes ecotourism and local culture, supports the community and helps in preservation of biodiversity. From the resort you can visit the beautiful site of Cirque Rouge De La Baie De Mahajamba, a natural wonder built by wind and water. This is not to be confused with Cirque Rouge in Majunga. It is much bigger and further away from Majunga (around 3 hours by boat). You can also visit many beautiful Sakalava villages, have sunset cruises, fishing trips and more.

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