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Domaine d'Ambohimanitra

Antalaha | Madagascar

Small loge overlooking the Indian Ocean, located on a unique vanilla plantation in Samvaba, in the east of Madagascar. Learn everything about this beloved spice, from planting to plate. One of the best places to immerse in the culture of the island.

Location: Domaine d’Ambohimanitra is a vanilla plantation with an on-site lodge, located 45 km to the south of Sambava, near the coastal town of Antalaha, in the east of Madagascar. The estate is located on a hill with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. The name of the lodge means “hill of perfume”. 

How to get here: The closest airport from the plantation is Sambava (SVB). From the airport it takes around 1 hours to get to the south, to Domaine d’Ambohimanitra.

Structure: Domaine d’Ambohimanitra presents 60 ha of vanilla plantations and other spices such as cloves, ylang yland, cinnamon and pink peppercorns. The plantation has on-site lodge with simple but comfortable suites. The views down to the sea are stupendous and the whole place has a refined and relaxing air. They grow various types of vanilla, starting with the Mexican variety, the original spice from Latin America, the pompona or the planifolia. The latter is the most cultivated variety. It takes three years to produce the first pods, after the vines have been grafted on top of stems. You will be offered a cooking workshop with a renowned chef and will learn the secrets of vanilla from plantation to plate.

Why staying here: Vanilla is a cultural and ecological symbol of Madagascar. The best time to visit is between May and February, August being the month when the vanilla is in flower, a very beautiful time. Vanilla is a delicate orchid, which cannot reproduce itself without external intervention. This know-how is essentially shared by Malagasy women. This plant requires patience and passion.  It is necessary to fertilize each flower of each vine. In order to obtain 1700 tons of vanilla, it is necessary to fertilize more than 40 million flowers by hand! It is through the passionate work of the workers that we obtain this fruit.

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