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Things to do in Madagascar

Tropical Dream Beaches

Those 5.000 km of coastline must be hiding some dream beaches 😉 Madagascar is a true escape paradise with authentic intimate beaches all for yourself. This truly Indian Ocean island offers a beautiful array of white sands, azure waters and coral reefs. Look no further than the beaches of Sainte Marie for a romantic honeymoon! For the adventurous travellers we recommend the beaches of the south-west and the gorgeous bays of Diego Suarez. Nosy Be is perfect for families and Masoala for tranquility seekers, Fort-Dauphin for luxurious escapes and Mahajanga for off the beaten track. 

Nosy Iranja in Madagascar

Unique National Parks

Come to Madagascar for a walking holiday. Get closer to nature in the numerous national parks. We promise – you will find stunning landscapes. Only imagine walking through the labyrinths of the Tsingy de Beramara or Tsingy de Ankarana, exploring the lush rainforests of the Vanilla Triangle, getting lost in the unreal spiny forests of the south, catching a sunset over the towering baobabs near Morondava, hiking in the Isalo Mountains and Andringitra Massif of the interior. Everything is one-of-a-kind in Madagascar. If you love nature, this is the island which will forever stay in your heart. Nature here is fantastic.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Wildlife and Birdwatching

In Madagascar nature has evolved at its own pace and under its own rules. The island is home to many world’s endemic plants, birds and animal species. Unexpected and thrilling, 80% of them are only to be found here. Chameleons and lemurs are the symbols of the country. There are no big cats, but the smaller fellows are equally fascinating. Night walks are particularly exciting, as so many of the local wildlife is nocturnal. The whale-like cry of the indri will get your heart racing – this is something you will definitely remember about Madagascar. We also have a great bonus tour for bird-lovers. 

Lemurs in Manafiafy

Water sports

Wind- and kite-boarding, deep sea fishing, sailing, rafting, jet-ski, kayaking, paddling – you name it – Madagascar is perfect for water sports. The kite-boarding season is usually from July to December. Windsurfing is year-round. In the very north, Diego Suarez and the nearby bays, where the Mozambique Channel meets the Indian Ocean, Varatraza winds create an ideal atmosphere for adrenaline activities. At the south-eastern tip of the island, Fort-Dauphin is another beautiful place for the active spirited. Tulear and Anakao with their protected reef are great for surfing and Masoala is a hidden gem to be explore on kayak. Madagascar has a lot to offer for active travellers.
Masoala Forest Lodge, a small boutique lodge located on a beautiful beach in Madagascar

Diving & Snorkeling

Madagascar’s coral reefs are rich, colourful and interesting. There are remarkable places to snorkel and dive in the north and north-east, and Sainte Marie‘s archipelago in the east. You can take excursions with the scientists to swim with turtles and learn about the creatures of the sea. The warm waters of Nosy Be offer great ocean diversity. This is an unpolluted environment, where marine life develops quietly and is well preserved. The area shelters healthy coral species, and a full range of tropical reef fauna, from microscopic life to cetaceans. You will be guided by experienced instructors who know very well the sites and the environment. The spots will be chosen depending on your level, tide, wind and currents. 

Gorgonians in Nosy Be, Madagascar


From July to September, humpback whales come to calve and mate in Malagasy waters after swimming over 3000 miles from the Antarctic. Whale-watching trips are guided by local scientists and nature volunteers, who care about respecting the mammals, trying not to cause any stress to the whales and also to ensure the safety of the visitors. The best places to see whales are Sainte Marie, Antongil Bay, Nosy Be, Courier Bay, Anakao and Port-Dauphin. Maximum observation  time:  1 hour for a group of adult whales, 30 min for a mother and her calf or a dolphin pod. Due to weather unpredictability, these trips are arranged locally.

whale jumping out of the water in Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar

Malagasy Culture

Malagasy culture is a unique blend of South-East Asian and African trends, preserved and isolated from the outside influences. The traditions and rituals are part of everyday life, one can often hear people singing and dancing at dusks, even in the most remote areas. In the south-west, meet the Mikea – a fascinating tribe, as unique as the Amazonian, New Guinea or Ethiopian tribes – often called the First Peoples. The Mikea are gentle and peaceful. They have never been enslaved and preserved a beautiful bond with the nature and a unique way of life. Learn about the strong bond with ancestors, the wild silk and natural remedies.

Traditional Malagasy Dancing

Authentic Crafts

Woodcarving, marquetry, sculpture, wrought iron, raw silk, Antemoro paper, lace and embroidery, gemstones, pottery, books, horn products, sand bottles, baskets, paintings, bamboo, objects made from recycled material – Madagascar will blow your mind away. The best way to experience the artistic soul of Madagascar is to take the “Crafts Road” on RN7, stopping along the way in different villages and artsy towns. Actually while driving across three provinces you will have to ‘stop, non-stop” 😉 – the varied crafting is everywhere along RN7. Meet the locals in Berenty, Masoala, Nosy Be, Fort-Dauphin and Belo sur Mer – there’s a colourful world.

Iharana BushCamp, rustic camp in Ankarana, Madagascar

Malagasy Cuisine

Malagasy cuisine is all about the spices and flavours, truly organic, with a touch of French, Asia and African influences. Spicy curries, coconut sauces – yummy yumm ;). This is one of the best places for seafood lovers – you will eat from the fresh catch of the day. The local diet is varied: rice comes with zebu meat, pork, chicken, seafoods and vegetables. Madagascar has a wide range of drinks to choose from, such as the local Three Horses Beer or the famous rum Dzamandzar. We also have a great culinary activity in Antananarivo where you can do your own chocolate and learn from the chef. 

Malagasy Food

More Islands

Island hopping around Madagascar can get addictive… The mama-island has a gorgeous array of diverse smaller satellite islands and archipelagos, one more beautiful than the other. Island hopping is a great idea, especially in the north and in the east of the country. Are you ready for the nosies? Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Mangabe, Nosy Hara, Nosy Ve, Nosy Satrana – too much beauty. Don’t forget Ile Sainte Marie and Iles aux Nattes – simply gorgeous islands. We have several island hopping boat trips in the north, but can also arrange day trips on a traditional canoe from Ifaty, Masoala and while in Sainte Marie itself.

Tropical beach with turquoise water and palm trees on Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar

Madagascar Holiday Inspiration

We encourage you to get off the beaten track with us and explore the most interesting places in Madagascar at your own pace

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