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Five Senses Lodge

Tsiandamba | Madagascar

Small eco-luxury lodge located on a beautiful beach in the south-west of Madagascar. One of the best lodges to stay at in the region. Full privacy and romantic settings.

Location: Five Senses Lodge is a small luxury hotel located on the splendid beach of Tsiandamba, in the south-west of Madagascar. Welcome to the most beautiful off the beaten track lagoon of Madagascar. This is one of the best-kept beach secrets in Madagascar, it’s extremely isolated and completely unknown. During the tides, the sea goes away very far, around 1.5 km away from the beach, transforming the beach into a white desert. This is absolutely incredible and truly magical! 

How to get here: To get here you will have to fly to Toliara (TLE) and then travel through deep sand tracks and remote villages in a 4×4, as the sand can make it hard to control the car. Driving time between Tulear and Tsiandamba is around 4-5 hours. You will need an experienced local driver as the location is really remote and you can get lost and stuck very easily.

Structure: Five Senses has 10 spacious bungalows which are positioned in such a way to protect your privacy. The units are placed right on the beach. The rooms are elegantly and tastefully decorated, with furniture made of precious wood. Each bungalow has an authentic en suite bathroom. There are both double and two-bedroom family rooms.

Why staying here: This is one of the best places to stay in th south-west of Madagascar. The local lagoon is part of the Great Barrier Reef of Tulear, creating one of the most beautiful lagoons in Madagascar and worldwide. Due to the reef, this part of the coast has shallow lagoons with sensational scenery and sea color. When the pirogues float on this turquoise water it seems like if they are flying. Totally surreal scenes! You can do some amazing trips to visit white sand dunes, a very cool baobab forest and the Assassin’s Bay.

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