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Madagascar Boutique Hotels

Stay in exclusive boutique hotel and small luxury resorts in Madagascar, chosen by our travel specialists. Book with us at direct prices and benefit from having all sorted out, from door-to-door transfers to group excursions and private guided trips.

Madagascar’s landscape, people and experiences are so diverse that you could spend months exploring stunning tropical beaches, satellite islets and remote national parks and mountains. Throw our first-hand knowledge and passion for authentic experiences and unique boutique hotels into the mix, and you are guaranteed a wonderful holiday. Our experts traveled extensively in Madagascar and will give you all the help you need in creating the perfect trip.

Please note that even if you cannot find luxury high-end hotels in all the regions of the island, available accommodation in Madagascar is generally clean and comfortable. Expect cuteness – Malagasy design uses a lot of natural materials and is beautifully done. At times accommodation may be basic, but beaches are still splendid and untouched. The brief cuts of water and electricity do happen sometimes because the lodges located in far-away areas often run on solar power. Madagascar has not yet been spoiled with modern structures, and the charm is exactly there. Let us know your preferences and we will find the perfect place for you.

Below is a selection of hand-picked luxury hotels and lodges in Madagascar. Ask us for advise. If you traveling with children and are looking to stay in a family room, or if you have specific requirements about facilities or location – we will find the best options for you. Scroll down, we think you’ll like what you find.

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