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Le Paradisier

Ifaty | Madagascar

Small rustic beachfront lodge located in the village of Ifaty, in the south-west of Madagascar. Great infinity pool overlooking the ocean, spacious bungalows, home-made food, selected wines. A calm and relaxing place for a beach break.

Location: Le Paradisier is located in Ifaty, 50-min drive north of Tulear, on the side of the Mozambique Channel that lies between Africa mainland and Madagascar. Ifaty is a small popular beach town in the south-west of Madagascar. Only 5 minutes from the beach you can get lost among baobab trees, cactus and the alien-like octopus trees that exist nowhere else on the planet. This is in the baobab forest of Mangily.

How to get here: To get here you will have to fly to Toliara (TLE) and then take a road transfer to Ifaty. An excellent paved road connects them, so they are very easy to reach, probably the easiest beach to reach in Madagascar. Enjoy the calm and breathtaking sunsets from the pool terrace. 

Structure: Le Paradisier is operating with solar energy. The pretty stone buildings are suites with a simple wooden decoration. Malagasy, French and Italian specialties are served at the on-site restaurant. Here you will find wines from the best winemakers in South Africa. An infinity pool without obstacles offers greats views of the lagoon. Stroll on the beach, take a boat tour for a fishing trip, visit the baobab forest and watch the whales in the right season.

Why staying here: The charming hotel is kind of at the end of the world, with 300 days a year of sunny weather, facing the beautiful lagoon of Ifaty. Although Ifaty is only the beginning of one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, it is worth breaking the journey here as you start discovering the beaches north of Tulear. It gets better and better as you advance to the north from here. It is totally worth the effort to continue further north of Mangily on a challenging sandy path. If you come until here, do the effort and go further north! In Mangily, it can get crowded. Further north, it is totally different, where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches just for yourself. 

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