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Nosy Sakatia | Madagascar

Small boutique hotel located on the beach on Nosy Sakatia in Madagascar. True chic romantic experience. Picturesque views of the sea and a welcoming hospitality. A true tropical paradise, excellent food and relaxation.

Location: The charming Sakatia Lodge is located on Nosy Sakatia, a small island west of Nosy Be in Madagascar. It is a beautiful retreat away from touristic areas, offering the tranquility of secluded beautiful beaches. Expect to see friendly wild lemurs, chameleons and experience a sense of true detachment. 

How to get here: The boat transfer from Nosy be to to Sakatia Island is just 15 minutes, from Chanty Beach.

Structure: Several cozy bungalows are hidden in the hand-crafted gardens and delicious meals will surprise most demanding guests. Snorkeling and scuba diving is unforgettable. Breakfasts and dinners are served in the restaurant areas. Different meals are cooked every evening with state of art dishes and high-class desserts. Sakatia Island doesn’t have grid electricity supply, but electricity is available 24h a day from solar power and sound-proof generators. Wi-Fi is available everywhere on the territory, in the bungalows, at the bar and on the beach in front of the lodge. The speed okish, but normally it is not suitable for live streaming, for example.

Why staying here: for a private holiday away from the busy mainland of Nosy Be. From June to September is the humpback whale season, while from September to November you can spot and snorkel with whale sharks. Nosy Sakatia has a turtle protected zone right in front of the lodge. At high tide one can count 10-12 of them within the area. The coral gardens are accessible straight from the beach or deeper in the ocean. We can arrange boat trips to further reefs and spoil experienced divers with night ultra-violet (fluo) dives. Coral reef and fish that glows at night is certainly an unforgettable experience. 

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