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Dive into the heart of Oaxaca with our 11-day journey, curated for those eager to experience the authenticity and richness of one of Mexico’s most culturally vibrant regions. The adventure begins in the live Oaxaca City, an epicenter of Mexico’s indigenous heritage and artistic expression. Explore the ruins of Monte Alban, the once-thriving center of Zapotec civilization, and discover the ancient practices of local artisans, from the weaving of intricate carpets to the crafting of the renowned Oaxaca cheese and traditional chocolate making. Oaxaca is the birthplace of mezcal – witness the ancient techniques of distilling this iconic spirit, offering a taste that’s as rich in tradition as it is in flavor. Visit Hierve el Agua, with its breathtaking infinity pools perched atop mountains, and the sacred mountains of San Jose del Pacifico, a revered site for spiritual enlightenment. On the Pacific coast, unwind in Mazunte and Zipolite. This itinerary includes stays in boutique hotels, carefully selected for their comfort and charm. Designed for those seeking a blend of cultural immersion and relaxation, this tour is customizable, allowing adjustments to suit your personal interests.

11 Days – From £3,900 per person

*equivalent in USD, EUR accepted

Itinerary: Oaxaca City, Teotitlan del Valle, San Jose del Pacifico, Mazunte, Puerto Escondido

  • Price is per person, based on two people sharing in a double/twin room
  • Mentioned hotels with breakfast 
  • All the excursions mentioned in the itinerary 
  • All transfers by car and boat on a private basis
  • All entrance & guiding fees
  • All mandatory local taxes
  • Visa, where applicable
  • International Flights (See Flights to Mexico)
  • Domestic Flights
  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Meals not mentioned in the description

International and domestic flights are not included in the package price. We give you the freedom to book the flights yourself, use miles and choose your preferred airline, and if you are stuck we can help you find the right connections. Return flights to Oaxaca start from £550 per person, depending on the connections and time of the year.

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This is a sample itinerary and prices are correct at the time of writing. We can tailor the trip up to your plans and bookother  hotels. You can also combine this trip with other regions. For more Mexico travel inspiration check these itineraries.

The optimal time to experience on the tour is from October to May. During these months, Oaxaca enjoys a mild climate, making it ideal for exploring both the cultural landmarks of the city and the natural beauty of its coastal and mountainous regions. This period avoids the heavy rains of the summer months, ensuring more comfortable travel and exploration. The cooler months, especially from November to February, offer the most pleasant temperatures for city tours and outdoor activities. Meanwhile, the transition months of October and May provide a unique opportunity to experience Oaxaca’s shift between seasons, with blooming landscapes and vibrant local life. Notably, the tour includes visits to places like Hierve el Agua and San Jose del Pacifico, which are best enjoyed under clear skies and comfortable temperatures, further supporting the choice of these months for travel.

To avoid unpleasant weather surprises, we recommend to check our Mexico Weather Guide to plan your trip in the right season. Click on the month you want to travel in and see the tours which are best for each month of the year. 

Day 1 - Oaxaca City

Your journey starts as you land in Oaxaca, a city celebrated for its deep-rooted cultural heritage, recognized by UNESCO. The moment you arrive, you’ll notice the city’s lively atmosphere, marked by colorful streets and the sounds of local music. Our driver will meet you at the airport to take you to your hotel, known for its beautiful blend of historical architecture and modern amenities, featuring a serene outdoor pool as its centerpiece. Once you’ve settled in, we recommend a casual walk through the main square of the city – Zocalo, where you can discover the Metropolitan Cathedral of Oaxaca, an 18th-century Baroque-style church, and local vendors selling craft items and street food. It’s a great way to get a feel for Oaxaca’s vibrant life, with music and the Spanish language all around. Overnight at Majagua Hotel Boutique.

Oaxaca City, Mexico

Day 2 - Monte Alban & Reyes Etla

After enjoying a local breakfast, you’ll head out to explore Monte Alban, a significant archaeological site that once served as a capital for the Zapotec civilization. Located on a mountaintop, it offers stunning views and a glimpse into ancient urban planning and architecture. Your guided tour will help you understand the importance of this site in Mesoamerica’s history and take you through the main structures, also the Great Plaza and North Platform, focusing on the ball game and “Gallery of the Dancers” among other buildings. In the afternoon, the trip takes a hands-on turn in Reyes Etla, a village famous for its Oaxaca cheese. You’ll meet artisans who will show you the traditional cheese-making process, and you’ll even get to try making some yourself. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with local culture and traditions. Overnight at Majagua Hotel Boutique.

Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico

Day 3 - Zapotec Village

Dive into the heart of Zapotec culture with a day trip to Teotitlan del Valle. Start with a lively breakfast at the village market, where you’ll taste local specialties such as chocolate atole, memelas, and fresh tamales, giving you a flavorful introduction to the region. A visit to a local chef’s home follows, where you’ll learn the traditional methods of chocolate making, using locally grown cocoa—a hands-on experience that brings you closer to Oaxacan culinary traditions. The village is also famous for its textiles, and you’ll have the chance to see how artisans create vibrant carpets using age-old techniques and natural dyes. This visit not only showcases the skill of local craftsmen but also the rich cultural heritage of the area. Return to Oaxaca city for the night, carrying with you the day’s unique experiences. Overnight at Majagua Hotel Boutique.

Day 4 - Mezcal Experience

Your day starts with a visit to a natural wonder: the Tree of Tule, known as the widest tree in the world. Its massive trunk, measuring at 119 feet around, is sure to impress. Then, head to the land of sacred places, home to Hierve el Agua, where you can relax in mineral-rich infinity pools that offer stunning views of the surrounding valleys—a perfect spot for contemplation and connection with nature. The day’s journey continues into the world of mezcal, Oaxaca’s renowned spirit. At a local distillery, you’ll follow the journey of mezcal from the agave fields to the final product, capped off with a tasting that highlights the spirit’s unique flavors. End your day with a special sunset dinner, where the quiet of the surroundings complements the day’s rich experiences. Overnight at Casa Regina Oaxaca.

Hierve del Aqua, Mexico

Day 5 - San Jose del Pacifico

Awaken to the serene beauty, enjoy breakfast surrounded by landscapes that have inspired countless artists and seekers. Prepare for the journey south to the mystical town of San Jose del Pacifico, nestled high in the mountains. This secluded village is renowned for its spiritual ambiance and breathtaking natural beauty. It has attracted artists and seekers, rumored to have even drawn celebrities like Bob Dylan and John Lennon in search of tranquility and healing. Explore the local landscape, whether observing peaceful mountains or on a guided hike, learning about local medicinal flora. The day culminates with a Temazcal ceremony, an ancient ritual in a sweat lodge designed for deep cleansing and rejuvenation. Overnight at Laberinto del Pacifico.

San Juan, the Jungles of Oaxaca, Mexico

Day 6 - Mazunte

Wake up surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature and breathtaking mountain views, ideal for a refreshing yoga session to start the day. After breakfast, with the mountains as your backdrop, you’ll make your way to Mazunte. This hidden gem on the Pacific Coast offers a peaceful escape from the usual tourist trails. Spend your day exploring the pristine beaches and meeting local artisans, delving into the town’s creative heart. As the day winds down, witness your first breathtaking Pacific sunset, an unforgettable experience. Consider indulging in a well-deserved relaxing massage to round off your evening. The town comes alive at night, with music and laughter filling the air, inviting you to join in the local festivities. Overnight at Zoa Hotel.

Sunset in Mazunte, Pacific Ocean

Day 7 - Pacific Bay

Enjoy the laid-back beach lifestyle, where time seems to stand still. Today is all about unwinding by the Pacific, exploring at your own pace. Consider renting a scooter to meander along the coast, visiting neighboring villages like Mazunte, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel, each offering its own unique charm and creative spirit. The ocean’s inviting waters are perfect for a refreshing swim, and don’t miss the chance to savor some of the freshest seafood for lunch. If timing aligns, a visit to a local turtle research facility offers insights into conservation efforts, or you might even participate in a baby turtle release, an enchanting experience contributing to their journey back to the ocean. As the day fades, head to Punta Cometa to witness a breathtaking sunset, a perfect end to a serene day. Overnight at Zoa Hotel.

Oaxacan Pacific Coast from the air

Day 8 - Puerto Escondido

Rise early for an ocean adventure in Puerto Escondido, known for its vibrant fishing culture and excellent surfing spots. Sail on a fishing trip with local experts and cast your line into the deep blue, possibly reeling in tuna, marlin, or mahi-mahi. You may encounter marine life like turtles, dolphins, or even whales along the way, adding to the day’s excitement. Enjoy the fruits of your labor at a local restaurant, where your catch is transformed into a delicious meal. In the afternoon, the surf calls. Puerto Escondido’s beaches are perfect for all levels of surfers, from beginners to seasoned pros. After riding the waves, return to the tranquility of Mazunte, reflecting on the day’s adventures. Overnight at Zoa Hotel.

Surfing in Puerto Escondido Zicatela Oaxaca, Mexico

Day 9 - The Bays of Huatulco

Set off for a day exploring the serene bays of Huatulco, part of the expansive Huatulco National Park. This guided boat tour includes round-trip transportation from Mazunte to Huatulco, offering a chance to visit seven of the area’s most beautiful bays over about 5 hours. An expert guide will provide insights into the unique ecosystems, flora, and fauna of the bays in English, enhancing your understanding of this protected natural area. Enjoy snorkeling in vibrant waters and lounging on untouched beaches, soaking up the diverse beauty of Huatulco. Overnight at Zoa Hotel.

Puerto Escondido Oaxaca from the air

Day 10 - Mazunte

After breakfast, enjoy the day at leisure during your last full day on the beaches of Mazunte. You can choose to face the sun’s warmth, letting the soothing sounds of the ocean bring you relaxation. For those seeking a bit more excitement, consider the thrill of river rafting down the Copalita River, catching a wave during a surf lesson, or snorkeling through the clear waters to explore the underwater world. This day is yours to shape, ensuring your final memories of Mazunte are unforgettable. Head to Punta Cometa, Mazunte’s most famous landmarkfor sunset. This mini peninsula extends out into the Pacific Ocean and is the southernmost point of Oaxaca State. It provides unrivaled and uninterrupted views of the surrounding scenery. Overnight at Zoa Hotel.

Beach in Mazunte Zipolite Oaxaca, Mexico

Day 11 - Departure

Wake up to a stunning sunrise, offering a quiet goodbye from Mazunte. After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, take some time to walk along the beach, reflecting on your journey. When it’s time to leave, our driver will take you to the nearest airport for your journey home. As you depart, you’ll take with you a rich tapestry of experiences, the warmth of the local culture, and the serene landscapes of Mexico, leaving a promise to return to this beautiful corner of the world. You can also continue your journey in Mexico and discover the other regions as well.

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