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Things to do in Saint Lucia

Caribbean Beaches

Saint Lucia is a charming and authentic island, offering a wide variety of beaches. You will find golden sand beaches in the Northern part of the island, such as Reduit Beach, Pigeon Island beach, Choc Beach or Vigie Beach. When you go to the area around Soufriere, the sand becomes grey and black, like in Anse Cochon, Anse Mamin and Anse Chastanet. The only exception being Sugar beach, which is covered with white sand. In the very South, Sandy Beach offers a long strip of white sand – a perfect spot for kite surfers.

turquoise and calm waters of the Gros Islet beach in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean

Spa and relaxation

The mud baths at Saint Lucia’s Sulphur Springs attract people from all over the world because it detoxifies the body and helps heal sun burns, eczema, arthritis, sore joints, and more. The baths have many minerals and are well-known for making skin smooth and tight. After hiking the Pitons or other trails around the island, coming here to relax is a wonderful experience. The springs are located in the south of the island, not far from Soufriere.

A couple covered in the therapeutic mud at the Sulphur Springs on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean

Tropical Adventure

If you prefer to spend your time on the land, there is a wide choice of activities such as horseback riding, ziplining or biking.  You can also discover the enchanting nature through one (or several) of the hiking trails such as Gros Piton hike, Petit Piton hike, the rainforest hike or Tet Paul Nature trail. They have different levels of difficulty and our experts will guide you to choose the best for you. St Lucia also boasts beautiful waterfalls and botanical gardens where you can immerse yourself in nature. 

Zip-lining in the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia

Water sports

Saint Lucia offers a huge variety of water sports. Many hotels have their own kayaks, hobie cats or paddle boards, and some of them also offer jet-ski, water-skiing or banana boat rides. You can also kayak in the mangrove around Roseau Beach or Marigot Bay. In the Northern and Southern tips of the island, (Cas-en-Bas and Sandy beach), you will be able to learn or practice your kite-surfing skills.
Marigot Bay - one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean located on the island of Saint Lucia

Under the water

Saint Lucia offers some of the best spots for snorkeling or diving in the Caribbean. Anse Chastanet and Sugar Beach are the most famous ones, since they are surrounded by a marine reserve where you can snorkel right from the beach. You will see many species of fish and corals, octopus or even reef sharks. Anse Cochon and Malgretoute beach are also well known for their clear water and abundance of   marine life, even if they are a little more difficult to access. In the North, Pigeon Island beach is also a good option after visiting the park. 

school of fish in the waters of Saint Lucia, a perfect place for diving in the Caribbean

History & Culture

Saint Lucia has a very interesting past and culture. It was French and British several times, and also has a strong Caribbean and African heritage. The best place to learn more about this tumultuous past is at Pigeon Island National Landmark, where you will see the ruins of the fort, as well as other military buildings. The architecture of some colonial houses on Morne Fortune are also worth seeing, as well as the Married Women’s Quarters on Vigie Peninsula. The traditions are also very lively, especially in creole music and language, celebrated during the month of October, the “creole month”.

Aerial view of Fort Rodney in the north of Saint Lucia island in the Caribbean

Caribbean Cuisine

Saint Lucian cuisine is a blend of African, French and British traditions. At the local markets you will try various spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, clove or bay leaves. People use local fruits and veggies like plantains, green fig (green bananas), sweet potato, breadfruit or dasheen, usually paired with meat or fish. Tropical fruits are always available on the island, you will find papayas, soursops, guavas, passion fruits, and mangos. Try the traditional cocoa tea, made with grated cocoa and spices.

organic fruity desert from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia

More Islands

Visiting other islands is the perfect way to truly experience the Caribbean. Martinique is just a ferry ride away, and you will be amazed at the difference you will see. This island has an European feel, with French cuisine, modern public transportation, and supermarkets, but it has the distinctive laid-back atmosphere of the Caribbean. If you go South, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are also stunning places to visit, with several islands like Bequia, Canouan, Union and the world-famous Tobago Cays. Book a sailing cruise, since plane tickets between islands are extremely expensive, and the ferry only goes from Saint Lucia to Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe. 

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