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Casa Acayu

Sao Miguel dos Milagres | Brazil

A luxury intimate beachfront hotel, located on a stunning beach in Sao Miguel dos Milagres in Brazil. The perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and enjoy relaxation on the coast of Alagoas. A really small property with great design and service.

Location: Casa Acayu is a small boutique hotel located in the beach village of Sao Miguel dos Milagres, in the state of Alagoas, in Brazil. This pristine part of the northeast Brazilian coast, placed amid coconut trees and warm water, welcomes with a laid-back atmosphere. Take time to walk on the beach barefoot, feel the sea breeze and the charms of a place that considers simplicity with taste the best shortcut to tranquility.

How to get here: To get here you can fly to Maceió (MCZ), which is 125 km away, aprox. 2 hours by car.  Alternatively fly to Recife (REC) and take a 3,5 hour transfer to the south.

Structure: Set in the paradisiacal Costa dos Corais, between coconut palms and the emerald sea of Alagoas, Casa Acayu is a place of relaxation and comfort. The design is refinened and warm. There are deluxe apartments and stand alone bungalows.

Why staying here: São Miguel dos Milagres is a paradise still untouched by mass tourism. The region offers visitors a positively serene experience of unspoiled beaches and tranquil pousadas, this one being one of the best ones. Ideal for anybody: travellers with babies and kids, solo travellers, small groups, friends sharing, families, couples. Alagoas is a beautiful place, with natural swimming pools, where you can see manatees and have an excellent downtime. A wide strip of white sand, warm waters and the practically untouched beach is located in the heart of the Ecological Route of Alagoas and stands out for its paradise-like atmosphere. 

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