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Humboldt Loft

Minas Gerais | Brazil

Exclusivity, art, comfort, privacy, coziness, minimalism, sustainable practices and beautiful nature - Humboldt Loft is one of the best small country hotel in South America, located in the village of Mogol in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Humboldt Loft is located in Mogol village in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Staying here is like delving into the atmosphere of the enchanting Brazilian countryside.

The house was built using the traditional wattle and daub technique, preserving the original structure with exposed roof tiles. This little place has a lot of style and comfort. Ideal for couples or a family. Humboldt Loft’s exterior adapts perfectly to the simplicity and delicacy of the buildings in the village. The interior, in its turn, reveals a shabby luxury relaxed atmosphere with the tranquility of the views. The bedroom is integrated with the kitchen and living room forming a single environment. The loft has a balcony and an outdoor bathroom with a view of the mountains.

Mogol is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of rust-colored waterfalls, forests with bromeliads, centuries-old trees, incredible white sand dunes, and an arid plateau overlooking a mountain range. Walk freely to explore the surroundings. The trails are safe, very well signposted and a radio keeps you in touch with the administration. 

Meals are served at the Yucca restaurant with healthy, organic, and fully vegetarian food. It has an open kitchen, for a more intimate dining experience, and a large veranda facing the mountains. You can also opt for a personalized meal by the lake, by the waterfall, in the grotto.

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