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Spinoza Loft

Minas Gerais | Brazil

A house surrounded by mountains and wide sand dunes, in one of the loneliest places in Comuna do Ibitipoca. It offers cozy country style accommodation. For families or friends looking for privacy and tranquility. One of the best small country hotel in South America, located in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Location: Spinoza Loft is located in the remote areas of Areião, in Comuna do Ibitipoca, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. The area borders Ibitipoca State Park. Areião is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of rust-colored waterfalls, forests with bromeliads, centuries-old trees, incredible white sand dunes, and an arid plateau overlooking a mountain range. Walk freely to explore the surroundings. The trails are safe, very well signposted and a radio keeps you in touch with the administration. 

How to get here: The closest airport from Spinoza Loft is Juiz do Fora (JDF) which is 2 hours drive away. Alternatively fly to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and take a 3,5 hours road transfer, or fly to Belo Horizonte (CNF) and take a 4,5 hours road transfer. Access can be done by foot, bicycle, 4×4 vehicle, or helicopter. In a very rainy season, there is a risk that a car will not reach the house and that it will be necessary to walk the last kilometer. 

Structure: Spinoza Loft has two bedrooms and a living room integrated with kitchen and wood stove. Outside, a toilet and a bathroom with a view of the hills. One of the bedrooms has a double bed, sofa-bed, and TV; the other has two single beds and a small toilet. Meals can be served in the house itself or at a restaurant with a view of the mountains. You can also opt for a personalized meal by the lake, by the waterfall or in the grotto.

Why staying here: Staying here is like delving into the atmosphere of the enchanting Brazilian countryside. The loft is providing unique experiences for those looking for privacy and greater immersion in natural scenery.

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