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Temple Point Resort

Watamu | Kenya

A vibrant place with a youthful atmosphere, at the waterfront in Watamu. There is a very rich choice of activities in the area and absolutely stunning white-sand beaches. Really great for food. The place for those who are looking for an active beach break. The sundowners at the floating bar are breathtaking.

Location: The Temple Point Resort is located inside the Watamu Marine Park and the Mida Creek National Reserve, surrounded by botanical gardens, wonderful sea, and breathtaking sunsets dropping into the creek each evening. 

How to get here: Fly to Malindi (MYD) and take a 30-min road transfer to Watamu. Alternatively, fly to Mombasa (MBA) and take a 2,5 hour transfer to Watamu.

Structure: The rooms are located directly in front of the Mida Creek and it’s beautiful mangrove forest. With views into the creek and the botanical garden, enjoy captivating sunsets, fish eagles scouting the creek or playful monkeys in our garden. Experience handcrafted Kenyan vanity products, special amenities and a warm hospitality in these spacious, modern African designed rooms. The floating bar above the Mida Creek is probably the only bar in Kenya where you can lay in a net above the water inside of a national park. They serve premium drinks & craft beers, as well as modern Kenyan inspired food. There is a spa, hidden in the mangrove forest. Really great place for relaxation in the middle of the nature.

Why staying here: It is really great combining the beach with a safari experience in the nearby Tsavo West and Tsavo East national parks. The onsite experienced diving centre organizes excursions to the coral reefs of Watamu. For long term stay there are fitness and wellness programs. They have Aqua Lung gear and IDE compressor as well as nitrox-system. The dive sites are located a 15-45 min. ride away by boat. Under water you will come face to face with turtles, dolphins, whale sharks as well as the beautiful marine life of the healthy coral reefs of Watamu. One can take diving courses for beginners and advanced divers.

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