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Masoala Forest Lodge

Masoala | Madagascar

A place to relax, explore and connect with the nature in remote area in the north-eats of Madagascar. This is a great place for a secluded romantic holiday, away from it all. Fly with a private charter and stay in a small rustic lodge surrounded by pristine turquoise beaches and dense rainforest

Location: Nestled in a sheltered cove, surrounded by the Masoala National Park, the lodge opens onto warm, coral-rich waters of the Tampolo Marine Reserve. Here beaches stretch for miles and the sounds of a forest teeming with life is so impressive. This eco lodge offers an intimate experience of rainforest and pristine beaches.

How to get here: You can reach the Masoala Forest Lodge from Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo Wednesdays and Sundays per charter flight to the small town of Maroantsetra, where you board the motorboat for the exciting voyage across Antongil Bay, a World Heritage Site and breeding ground for humpback whales.

Structure: Accessible only be foot or by boat, with a maximum capacity of just 14 guests, the lodge is a haven of tranquility. A 10 hectare private forest reserve makes up part of the lodge grounds. The seven palm thatched tree-houses are elevated on stilted wooden platforms, to provide uninterrupted views of forest canopy and sea and allowing to experience the forest from the perspective of the lemurs and birds. This elevation from the undergrowth is also luxurious and maximizes privacy and natural ventilation from all sides. The two communal areas known as ‘The Beach House’ and ‘The Sea Deck’ are also stilted, thatched and open-plan, providing natural lighting and ventilation in a minimalist and energy-efficient style. The sea deck is spectacularly sited on the rocks overhanging the sea, with wrap around views of the sea and forested coastline and the fish below.

Why staying here: Besides guided forest walks with game and bird watching by day or night, one can go kayaking, snorkelling, swimming in the sea and forest streams, whale watching and fishing. There is an in-house massage and spa team as well.

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For those who want something special, we recommend a journey to a private corner of Madagascar. Cap Masoala has seen less that 50 tourists over the last 3 years and it’s truly a paradise. Situated in a stunning blue lagoon, with a pristine forest with wild orchids and a beach just for yourself – disconnect to connect with the nature. You can choose to relax and treat yourself with a spa and massage holiday, or you can get active and explore the fascinating reserve. This trip is a great choice for honeymoon holidays, for family trips as well as those who like privacy, tranquility and untouched nature.

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