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Fazenda São Luiz da Boa Sorte

Vassouras | Brazil

Once upon a time this was the royal residence and today the charming suites are welcoming guests to experience a unique place which preserved its past. Learn about the history of Brazil and the production of coffee. Here you will eat like a royalty and the grounds are really beautiful.

Location: Fazenda São Luiz da Boa Sorte, isa historic coffee farm located in Vassouras, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, brazil. Two important farms, São Luiz and Boa Sorte, have united to form one entity. This is the only farm from the great coffee cycles with this privileged location.

How to get here: The closest airport from Vassouras is Rio de Janeiro (GIG). It takes 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro to the farm.

Structure: Fazenda São Luiz da Boa Sorte is a masterpiece dating back to the 19th century. The main house, the Casarao, which was once the residence of the Portuguese royalty of the Second Empire, is now a boutique hotel. There are 31 suites, decorated with sophistication. All the suites have a TV, coffee machine, havaianas, mini-fridge and access to wifi. Experience the history at your fingertips. There is a coffee museum and the black memorial which makes you reflect about the past. The small chapel from 1852 is really charming and preserving the atmosphere of the passed centuries.

Why staying here: A really beautiful colonial farmhouse, where the royalty stayed. This is a great place to stay to learn about the history of Brazil and about how life was like for the slaves who worked on the coffee farms. The food is organic and they are supporting sustainable practices. A great place fro families traveling with kids. Here you can try horse-riding.

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