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Vale do Café

Discover the secrets of coffee-making at historic Brazilian farms along Vale do Café in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro state. Get a genuine insight about coffee production from first hands. Try different coffee blends to decide which one is your favorite. Understand the production process from harvesting to grinding, and get a taste of rural life. You will visit Vale do Paraiba, a beautiful green region with impressive hills, hiding a rich and turbulent history. In the 19th century Vale do Café produced 75% of the world coffee, making Brazil the leader on the market. Travel back in time while visiting picturesque towns of the coffee barons, like Barra do Pirai, Vassouras, Valença, Rio das Flores and more. Stay at the beautiful old farmhouses which were once the most sophisticated aristocratic residences. After slavery was abolished in 1888, growing coffee was too expensive and the region started to decay. Take a journey through the Brazilian history, learn about coffee and enjoy the scenic region of Rio de Janeiro countryside. Here, the dark slavery past is in stark contrast to lush surroundings of rolling green hills and thick forest. The program is an excellent choice for those who like history and cultural experiences, for families travelling with children, a group of friends or couples, as well as for senior travellers. The program includes accommodation at small boutique hotels with a lot of comfort and charm. We can tailor this itinerary to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities.

10 Days – From £2,700 per person 

*equivalent in USD, EUR accepted

Itinerary: Rio de Janeiro, Barra do Pirai, Valenca, Vassouras, Rio das Flores, Rio de Janeiro

  • Price is per person, based on two people sharing in a double/twin room
  • Accommodation with breakfast at historic farms (Browse More Hotels)
  • All the excursions mentioned in the itinerary 
  • All transfers by car and on a private basis
  • Entrance & guiding fees 
  • All mandatory local taxes
  • Visa, where applicable
  • International Flights (See Flights to Brazil)
  • Domestic Flights 
  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips & Gratuities
  • Meals not mentioned in the description

International flights are not included in the package price. We give you the freedom to book the flights yourself, use miles and choose your preferred airline, and if you are stuck we can help you find the right connections. Return flights to Brazil start from £800 per person, depending on the connections and time of the year. The starting point is Rio de Janeiro Airport (GIG).

For families and groups (starting with 5 pax), we can book domestic flights in Brazil, during the high season, and if the trip is part of a more complex itinerary. This is to ensure a seamless travel and no complications.

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This is a sample itinerary and prices are correct at the time of writing. We can tailor it to suit your plans by changing the length of the trip or the order of activities. More days can be added. Other hotels can be chosen, according to your liking. You can also combine this trip with other sights in Brazil, like the cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro, the culture of Bahia, the deep canyons of the south or a beach break in the North-East. For more travel inspiration check these itineraries.

Best time to visit: year round. Best from April to late September.

Harvesting coffee cherries happens from April to October.

Coffee Blooming: end of August to beginning of September, the white and fragrant flowers embellish the plantations. A spectacle worth experiencing.

To avoid unpleasant weather surprises, we recommend to check our Brazil Weather Guide to plan your trip in the right season. Click on the month you want to travel in and see the tours which are best for each month of the year. 

Day 1 - Barra do Pirai

Drive from Rio de Janeiro through the green hills to Barra do Pirai, the pearl of Vale do Paraíba. Today you will visit three beautiful coffee farms. Start at the 200 years old Fazenda da Taquara, which still produces world class coffee by using original machinery. Learn about the coffee-making process. Continue to Fazenda São João da Prosperidade, an active livestock farm with a sausage factory. The farmhouse is simple but strong. Finish at Fazenda Allianca which still produces organic coffee. A delicious home-made meal will be served on the premises. Attend a soiree with music and caipirinhas. Overnight at Fazenda Allianca.

Roasted Coffee, Brazil

Day 2 - Barra do Pirai

Today visit Fazenda Allianca, a great example of sustainability, cultural and natural heritage of the Coffee Valley. The farm encourages a healthier organic lifestyle. They produce coffee, sugar cane, fruits, a large variety of vegetables and special buffalo cheese. Enjoy a gastronomic experience and a coffee tour. Later, hike to the scenic hills of Morro das Cabras and the lake, where you can swim. After lunch, visit the buffalo stable to see the milking. Then, continue to Fazenda da Bocaina, a lovely farm, created by farmers who migrated from Bananal, traveling along Caminho Novo. Back at Allianca, enjoy the pool and dinner with live music.  Overnight at Fazenda Allianca.

Fazenda Allianca, historic coffee farm located on the famous Coffee Valley in Barra do Pirai in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 3 - Valenca

Today continue to Valença, a small agricultural town located in the heart of the Brazilian coffee region. Once, Valença had the largest number of slaves, almost 30,000. The city enjoyed the wealth, culture, education and fine arts. Admire the old houses transformed into museums and hotels in the city center. Today you will visit two historic farms: Fazenda Vista Alegre and Fazenda Santo Antonio do Paiol. After lunch, go hiking along the beautiful paths of the nearby Açude Municipal Natural Park, Serra da Concórdia or Serra dos Mascates. You can choose one of them. In the evening return to the farm and relax by the pool. Overnight at Fazenda Allianca.

Coffee Plantation in Brazil

Day 4 - Florenca & Conservatória

Today visit a beautiful historic coffee farm near Valença, Fazenda Florença. Discover the centenary mansion with impeccable furniture, enjoy a delicious lunch served in the farm’s old coffee barn. In the afternoon, take a stroll in the forest and enjoy the exuberant nature that surrounds the farm. After lunch, visit the historic town of Conservatória, once an important railway hub linking Minas Gerais to Corte, and further to the port. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset in Serra da Beleza. A delicious dinner will be served in Conservatória, in a spectacular location. Overnight at Fazenda Florença.

Brazilian coffee grains

Day 5 - Vassouras

Before leaving Valença, visit the imposing Fazenda Chacrinha, a well-preserved historic rural palace. Taste a delicious coffee and the most amazing potato starch cookie. Later, head to the picturesque town of Vassouras and visit to the museum Casa da Hera, which exhibits some incredible artwork depicting the wealthy upper-class lifestyle during the peak of the coffee industry in the 19th century. After lunch, explore the renowned colonial-era coffee farms scattered around Vassouras such as Fazenda Santa Eufrásia and Fazenda Cachoeira Grande. Overnight at Fazenda Sao Luis da Boa Sorte.

Museu Casa da Hera in Vassouras, Coffee Valley, Brazil

Day 6 - Vassouras & Uaná Etê

Vassouras is a quiet welcoming town, its architecture still preserving the past splendor. Once the largest coffee producer in the world, it was called the city of coffee barons. The social life was intense and even French was spoken! Today visit two historic farm: Fazenda Mulungu Vermelho and Fazenda São Fernando.  After lunch, visit the large garden of Uaná Etê. This unique place combines art, ecology and nature. Discover the forest of bells, the tree of crystals, the tree of infinite possibilities, five lawns with breathtaking views, trails with exercise and meditation boards, webs between trees and more. Overnight at Fazenda Sao Luis da Boa Sorte.

Fazenda Sao Luiz da Boa Sorte, historic farmhouse in Vassouras, Coffee Valley, Brazil

Day 7 - Craft Beer Trail

In the morning you will take part in a special gastronomic workshop, which will include a roasting session and a blind tasting of different types of coffee. After a delicious lunch, discover the Craft Beer Trail (5 hours), a fun tour where you will get to know the production process and taste more than 10 types of regional beers. You will visit the Three Rocks brewery in the Ipiabas district where they make beer from coffee. Then, you will visit the brewery of Cia Etílica da Fazenda Ribeirão in Barra do Piraí and the brewery of Karam in Vassouras. Each beer has its surprising special flavor and aroma! Then depart to Rio das Flores. Overnight at Hotel do Cafe.

Fazenda Sao Luiz da Boa Sorte, historic farmhouse in Vassouras, Coffee Valley, Brazil

Day 8 - Rio das Flores

After lunch, continue to Rio das Flores, a charming city surrounded by mountains. In the city center, all the paths lead to Igreja de Santa Tereza D’Ávila. Today you will visit one of the most traditional coffee farms of Rio das Flores, Fazenda do Paraízo, built up in the 19th century. After lunch, continue to Fazenda União, one of the most preserved buildings from the Brazilian coffee empire times. Surrounded by a magnificent countryside landscape, the 181 years old mansion has preserved the original furniture and is also decorated with pieces recovered from the regional antiques shops in Vale do Paraíba. Enjoy a horseback ride around the lake and try a delicious Brazilian feijoada. Overnight at Fazenda Uniao.

Fazenda Uniao, historic farm in Rio das Flores in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 9 - Rio das Flores

Today, after breakfast, visit the old farm of Fazenda Santa Cecìlia in Miguel Pereira. It was built in 1770 and was the second headquarters of Fazenda da Piedade. In the garden there is a chapel designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The farm is a place of unique scenic beauty, and it has 19 suites for those who wish to stay overnight. After lunch, hike along scenic trails of the region. In addition to the historic coffee farms and mansions, Rio das Flores is home to several beautiful waterfalls, nature trails, and panoramic viewpoints. Close the day at the scenic viewpoint of Boa Vista with a perfect sunset. Overnight at Fazenda Santa Cecìlia.

Fazenda Allianca, historic coffee farm located on the famous Coffee Valley in Barra do Pirai in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Day 10 - Return to Rio de Janeiro

Today, after breakfast, you will be transferred back to Rio de Janeiro (2-3 hours), passing by beautiful green hills. As a small detour, you can choose the route which passes by Teresopolis and then by Petropolis, the former imperial residence of the Portuguese king. Petropolis is bordering a very beautiful park called Serra dos Órgãos National Park, with towering peaks, waterfalls and the lush Atlantic Forest. You can take a short hike in the park to admire very scenic landscapes. Continue to Rio and spend a few days on the beach. For a speciality coffee experience, head to Minas Gerais, and on your next trip to Brazil explore the historic farms in the state of Sao Paulo.

Coffee flowers in Brazil

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