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Hotel do Cafe

Rio das Flores | Brazil

Small boutique hotel with a charming vintage look, preserving the original settings from the coffee cycles. The hotel is located in the Coffee Valley, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, among beautiful nature and many historic towns and farms

Location: Hotel do Café, the headquarters of Fazenda Guarita, is located in the charming municipality of Rio das Flores, about 30 minutes from the historic cities of Vassouras and Valença, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a beautiful valley still preserving the traditions of growing organic coffee.

How to get here: Fly to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and take a road transfer to Rio das Flores for about 2,5-3 hours, depending on the time of the day and traffic. The hotel is located noar far from the banks of Paraiba do Sul river.

Structure: The farm was founded in 1875 by an aristocrat from the royal times. Today it is well restored and is preserving an important collection of pieces, furniture and objects from the Imperial family. Surrounded by charming nature, Hotel do Café has 17 exclusive apartments offering refinement and a special feeling of passed times. 

Why staying here: Hotel do Cafe is well placed for exploring Coffee Valley in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Discover the historic coffee farms in the vicinity and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere in the evenings, by the pool. Great option for families and couples, as well as group of friends. The food is very good and prepared from organic local ingredients.

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