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Ilha dos Poldros

Parnaiba Delta | Brazil

Boutique hotel located in the heart of Parnaiba Delta - a true harmonious oasis. It is an excellent refuge for those seeking peace and tranquility surrounded by nature. Perfect place for a family or a small group of max. 13 people.

Location: Ilha dos Poldros is a fully furnished secluded small hotel, located in the preserved area of Parnaiba Delta, in the municipality of Araioses, in the state of Maranhão, Brazil. The inn is located 850 meters from the beach and the transfer is always available at hand. The island is made up of mangroves, dunes, forests, meadows and salt flats. Parnaíba River Delta is considered the third largest open sea delta in the world with wild beaches stretching for miles and miles . The hotel is the only construction on the entire island. The caretakers who live here offer support for everything that is necessary.

How to get here: Ilha dos Poldros lodge is located half-ways between Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and Jericoacoara. Fly to Jijoca (JJD) and take a 3,5 hour road transfer to Tatus Port in Parnaiba. Alternatively fly to to Fortaleza (FOR) and take a long 7 hour transfer by road to Parniaba. To break the journey an overnight stop in Jericoacoara would be advisable. Then, it is 30 minutes by speedboat from Porto dos Tatus in Ilha Grande, Piauí. 

Structure: Ilha dos Poldros is a boutique hotel with a maximum capacity of 13 people across 4 bungalows. The inn is surrounded by palm trees, coconut trees and there is also a beautiful pool. The house and bungalows are cozy and comfortable, in complete harmony with nature. The entire construction is made of eucalyptus, reforested wood boards and is covered with carnauba straws. Electricity comes from generators. 

Why staying here: For privacy and great touch with nature. There are plenty of leisure activities such as quadricycles exploration, boat rides through the creeks and creeks. The Parnaíba Delta offers very great conditions for kitesurfing. During several mouths of the year the river is extremely smooth transitioning into excellent waves in the open sea, allowing sailing. Nature is incredibly exuberant, with lots of fauna. The best time to visit is from July to November.

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