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Le Paxa

Caraiva | Brazil

A small intimate boutique house located on the beach in Bahia, Brazil. This is one of the best places to stay while enjoying privacy, space, beautiful settings and exclusivity. Get off grid and immerse in nature. It is deeply restful. Great option for honeymooners.

Le Paxa is a luxury hotel & Spa in Caraíva, south of Bahia, the oldest village in Brazil, offering tranquility and privacy of a beautiful beach house, with accommodation in its two independent deluxe Suites that together can accommodate up to 12 people.

The hotel is places in a large garden, overlooking the sea, in direct vicinity of Caraiva River. You can get to the city centre with a 15-minute walk and there are also a handful of restaurants in the vicinity.

The lovely Mediterranean-style suite come with fan, air conditioning and a private deck, being situated in front of the beach. The rooms have a writing table and ironing facilities, walk-in showers, a shower and bidets as well.

Here you can also enjoy massage, dry sauna and unspoiled nature. With its nice beaches,  its small sandy streets without cars, Caraiva is the only village in Brazil with underground energy and no public light, preserving its wonderful starry sky. After dark the sky shimmers with stars to every horizon and the only noise is the pound of waves. 

A gorgeous property with a stunning views, spacious and marvelous setting. Everything about this place is chic, elegant, full of art, like staying in a little folklore museum, and yet still homey and extremely romantic and charming.  

Explore the river by kayak, take horse-riding trips along the beaches, go snorkelling or relax in the hammocks.

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