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Madeiro Beach Hotel

Tibau do Sul | Brazil

Perfect for a romantic escapadae overlooking the ocean. The view is simply breathtaking, encompassing Madeiro Beach and neighboring cliffs.There is a sense of being alone in the world, lost in the immensity of the ocean.

Location: Madeiro Beach hotel is a luxury beachfront hotel located in Tibau do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. 

How to get here: Fly to Natal (NAT) and take a 1,5 hour transfer or fly to Joao Pessoa (JPA) and take a 2 hour transfer to Pipa.

Structure: Madeiro Beach hotel has 16 individual bungalows, surrounded by a lush tropical garden and coconut trees, all having a private terrace. Each bungalow has a king-size bed, air conditioning, an LCD TV, a minibar, a wardrobe, a hairdryer and a safe. An Ipad is at disposal to call the reception, the other lodges or even a person outside thanks to Facetime, as well as a Bose speaker to listen to quality music whenever you want. The beach bar is serving excellent seafood and free beach towels, umbrellas and sun loungers are provided.

Why staying here: Madeiro Beach hotel is one of the best hotels on the north-eastern coast between Natal and João Pessoa in Brazil. Some of the nearby beaches worth visiting are:

  • Madeiro Beach – in front of hotel
  • Baia dos Golfinhos – 20 min walking from the hotel (access only by foot or boat)
  • Cacimbinha Beach – 5 min by car from the hotel
  • Guarairas Lagon – 15 min by car from the hotel – a perfect place to watch the sunset.
  • Praia do Amor – 15 min by car from the hotel – an excellent spot for surfing
  • Chapadão – 20 min by car from the hotel – a great viewpoint to see sunrise.
  • Praia da Minas – 25 min by car from the hotel – the favorite beach for turtles.
  • Barra do Cunhau – 35 min by car from the hotel – a perfect spot for kitesurfing. Known as the ‘Caribbean of the Northeast  of Brazil’.
  • Baia Formosa e Sagi – 1 hour by car from the hotel – a quiet and preserved place. 

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