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Filha da Lua

Tibau do Sul | Brazil

Filha Da Lua is a stylish, luxurious ecological sanctuary set between the Atlantic Ocean and the sand dunes of one of Brazil’s most stunning beaches, Praia das Minas in Pipa, where time stops. A home away from home.

Location: Filha da Lua is located in Tibau do Sul, between Natal in Rio Grande do Norte and Recife, in Pernambuco, Brazil. The hotel is set in Pipa, a perfect beach town to reconnect with nature. 

How to get here: Both Recife (REC) and Natal (NAT) airports are 30 min away from the hotel.

Structure: Filha da Lua has nine villas surrounded by abundant nature (with a wide variety of over 200 species of plants), offering beautiful sea views while being encircled by lush vegetation. Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of one of our two pools with a magical beach view. Try one of many 100% gluten and lactose-free dishes created with organic products from the local farm. It is a colorful and savory festival of aromatic spices, adaptogens, herbal tonics, gluten free and lactose free versions. Ayurvedic teachings and traditional Chinese medicine are guidelines in finding new recipes. Discover the spa with its selection of massages and beauty treatments, sports and wellness activities, and exciting excursions. The spa offers a diverse range of treatments from traditional holistic body treatments such as massages, to facials incorporating Ayurvedic ingredients, to other body treatments.

Why staying here: Filha da Lua is a small eco lodge was designed in harmony with its natural surroundings, offering a luxurious escape for the body and mind. This is a perfect place for spending a vacation focused on vegan detox, yoga and relaxation.

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