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Ilha Grande | Brazil

Small sustainable boutique hotel in Ilha Grande, located in the shades of bamboo and banana trees, not far from the tranquil beaches of Abraãozinho bay. A space dedicated to tranquility and experiences in the region where luxury is in simplicity.

Location: O Sítio Ilha Grande is located on the island of Ilha Grande in the south of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. The hotel is very close to Vila do Abraao, where the boats are arriving from the mainland. Ilha Grande is located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis on the Costa Verde, a rich coastline with great biodiversity and beautiful scenery. Very close to the cities of Paraty and Mangaratiba, Ilha Grande is covered by the exuberant Atlantic Forest. There are more than 100 beaches throughout the island.

How to get here: Fly to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and take a 3 hour transfer to Angra dos Reis. Then take a boat transfer to Ilha Grande. Access to Ilha Grande is made only by boat, from 3 points: Marina de Portogalo (private transfer),  Conceicao de Jacarei (20 min public and private boat transfer), Angra dos Reis (30-40 min public and private transfer).

Structure: Originally built to be a residential house, the space is divided into Cabana and Sobrado, with 8 comfortable suites. There is a salon and leisure area by the sea. The suites are spacious and cozy, having a pantry with refrigerator, microwave, sink, handcrafted kettle, toilet and private balcony on the first floor. On the second floor  there is a king-size bed. They offer a simple menu for evening meals, and a beach menu with some typical local options during the day.

Why staying here: O Sítio Ilha Grande is one of the best hotels in Ilha Grande. This place is all about enjoying the landscape, well-being, tranquility and nature. 

* Note: It is very important to bring cash. On the island there are no banks or ATMs. Credit or debit cards are accepted in most places, however, smaller businesses and taxi boats do not accept them. Given the island’s preservation conditions, power cuts may eventually happen. 

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