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Refugio Mamangua

Paraty | Brazil

Small ecological boutique hotel located on the beach in Mamangua Fjord, Brazil. Sleep and wake up in full contact with nature, observe the canoes, boats and birds, talk with the kind locals, swim, paddle, dive and hike; these are some of the leisure options at this hideaway

Location: Refugio Mamanguá is located in the District of Paraty – in the southeastern part of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. It’s the only tropical fjord on the Brazilian coast, extending for 8 km to the preserved mangroves of Ilha Grande Bay. There are plenty of local restaurants,  accessed by canoe, or by foot, along a trail. 

How to get here: Fly to Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and take a 4-hour transfer down to Paraty. From here, take a 45-min boat or 25-min fiber boat from the Paraty Mirim Beach.

Structure: Refugio Mamangua is a beautiful two-story house, made 100% with treated eucalyptus, suspended on stilts, with large windows. It has ten suites as well as a central gazebo for breakfast and dinner. There are three types of suites: six yellow suites, two purple suites and two special suites: premium and deluxe. All suites have three beds, with gas water heaters, ceiling fans, suspended wooden decks with private balconies with hammocks. The yellow suites are located 20m from the sea. They have covered wooden balconies/decks, with hammock and mat for rest. Purple suites are located above, in the middle of the Atlantic rain forest.  The premium and deluxe suites are located close to the sea in an independent building. They have exclusive access to the sea through a wooden ladder. These suites are larger than the others and provide greater privacy. 

Why staying here: They offer a simple and comfortable infrastructure, with an organic healthy cuisine. Use the Canadian canoes to explore the Mamangua in the most traditional way – paddling! In Mamangua there is no electric power – a great opportunity for technological detoxification and for enjoying the starry nights, the rising of the sun and the light of the moon.

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