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It’s only natural to have some burning questions before you book your once in a lifetime trip with us. We’ve answered the most commonly asked ones below. This way, you can understand more about who we are, what we do and what we stand for. Read on for our answers on


It’s simple, really. You can use our Destinations Page to look up the Individual Menu for each of them containing information on things to do, example itineraries, selected boutique hotels, weather, flights and travel essentials.

We have sample itineraries as a guideline only – an example of what you can do, rather than an inflexible list of what you have to do. If you like the proposed programs, you can choose to do the same, but they are not set in stone and changeable the way you would want to. Ultimately, from the moment you make an enquiry using our form, your Travel Expert will work with you to create something that’s entirely bespoke.

As ever, you can always side-step our forms and example itineraries and get in contact with us by email or phone. So if you’ve got a burning desire to explore Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar or Saint Lucia, then just tell us when – and we’ll get you prepared.

In most cases, you’ll have your initial itinerary within a few days. First we’ll set up a call to get to know you and your family, friends or partner. Next we’ll ask about your interests and how you like to travel, as well as discussing ideas for your chosen destination. From here, we’ll curate a tailor-made itinerary and send it over within a few days. You can then fine-tune your trip as much as you like and speak to the other people in your party before confirming.

If your needs are more complex then this process can take a little longer. At the same time if you’re eager to travel ASAP then we can get you ready within a matter of hours.

All of our itineraries are completely tailor-made from scratch. Those on our website are there to provide inspiration, and to give you a taste of what we can do. As soon as we’ve had our initial phone conversation, your Travel Expert will begin to tailor an itinerary around what you want.

Absolutely. Our team are also parents who know the ins and outs of what goes into a great family trip. They’ve spent years inspecting which destinations and hotels are perfect for kids of any age. 

All of our trips are private, so you won’t be joining a group, unless you’re travelling with one of your own. There’s no maximum group size, so if you want to go with five friends or your extended family members, we can sort it. We’ve also built strong relationships with a number of top hotels around the world, so if you want a luxury house or villa solely for your group, we can arrange buy-out exclusive use special rates.

We can arrange trips of any length or intensity. So if you’re looking for a quick domestic getaway starting with 3 days or a lightning-bolt trip, we can plan and manage it all. Take a minute to read the reasons to book your trip with us

It’s up to you. We can sort it all out and save you the stress, but we must say that we do not specialize in the best flight fares. Today you can make use of miles and buy flights in different ways, which we do not have the best position at. Should you want to book on your own,  that’s totally fine too. Just let us know. On the other hand, we can book private charters and jets at competitive rates, should you want to travel independently of scheduled available flights.

After you’re happy with your final itinerary and booked your trip, we will confirm everything with our local suppliers and start the countdown. As you get closer to the departure date and have made your final payment, we’ll send through your final travel documents before setting up a pre-departure call to answer any last-minute questions.

Yes, absolutely. We’re super flexible and understand that new ideas might come to mind as the weeks go on. Just throw them at us. 


The balance payment is due 45 days in advance of your intended departure date. If your booking is made less than 45 days before departure, the full price of the trip will be payable on booking. Prices quoted are GBP sterling prices based on daily currency exchange rates current at the time of quotation. Payments must be made in the currency of the invoice and can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Credit card payments will be added soon. View full booking conditions here. Sorry to sound so formal, but we want to make sure your trip goes off without a bump.

You can pay for your trip by bank transfer to our bank account. We don’t charge any fees, however your bank may charge individual fees to pay to our UK account, so make sure you check with them how best to transfer the money.

We offer very competitive prices, as we book directly with the hotels and service providers. However, bespoke travel isn’t cheap, but there are some very good reasons for this. We hand-make each and every trip we sell based on years of insight, knowledge and experience. Nothing we do is off-the-shelf, meaning we put lots of care into fine-tuning your itinerary to make sure it fits you perfectly. We draw on friendships, agreements, and relationships with local contacts and partners to ensure we can do things differently. 

As we often say, no two trips are ever the same. Our higher premium reflects all of the added ideas, expertise and energy that goes into your itinerary – as well as our 24/7 support, logistical expertise, insider insight, and all of the management and details. We really love travel, and take huge pride in giving you the best and most seamless experience of your life. In other words: it’s really worth it.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give price breakdowns as we receive contracted rates from our suppliers and these are therefore confidential. However, we will always give you the clarity you need so you feel comfortable confirming your trip with us. 

There are no hidden fees at Boutique Travel Experts. You pay only for your actual holiday – and you only pay when you’re completely satisfied with your itinerary. 


Our Travel Experts know their destination inside out. Some of them have lived there. Some were born there. Others have travelled or worked there. Put it this way, when we’re planning trips of our own, our Experts are the first people we talk to. They’re passionate, resourceful, up to date. What’s more, we make sure all of our Travel Experts regularly conduct research trips to their country, attend talks, speak with the locals, and always ask questions. If something’s hot, they’ll be one of the first to find out. 

Meet our friendly and inspiring team – all of whom operate from different corners of the world. 

We never sell the same trip twice because each of our trips is created according to your profile, your expectations and desires.

When you make a tailor-made trip, you are not just one traveler among thousands of others. There are no bad surprises because we advise you and help you choose each of your destinations, each of your accommodations, the pace of your trip, your activities, etc. A tailor-made trip allows you to optimize your time and your budget. 

We can only add certain experiences if we’re also booking the vast majority of your trip – as this is where we can add the most value.

We have no set departures for our itineraries, and nothing we do is by-the-numbers. We’re a small company who love to travel, all of whom are dedicated to creating unique, exciting, and often life-changing adventures for our clients. Our team are constantly discovering amazing new destinations, hotels, restaurants, people and communities. There’s nothing we love more than sharing this passion, love and knowledge – regardless of whether you’re travelling as a huge family, on a honeymoon, or solo. 

Alongside your personal Travel Expert, who is contactable throughout, we have partners and contacts on the ground who’ll run the day-to-day of your time away. We’ll make sure you’re introduced and that you have their contact details before you get there. We use local partners because they’re always best placed to respond immediately and speak the local language.  We’ve ensure you are really looked after and supported whilst travelling.

For any large group trips we’d be happy to arrange a host to join you too.  Just tell us your needs and requirements and we’ll work something out.

If you’re travelling and need to contact us in an emergency, you’ll find the details in your travel documents. If your query is itinerary related, we recommend calling our local partners first (details are also in your travel documents). For anything that goes beyond this, we have a 24/7 emergency line manned by our team.

We are glad you asked. Our carefully selected partners around the globe support sustainable travel and actively work to improve the communities in which they operate – this includes the protection of the endangered wildlife and habitats in Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar and Saint Lucia. We are also quite selective when it comes to recommending eco-friendly experiences and hotels. This is one of the main reasons why we promote boutique small hotels and not massive resorts and cruises. Please speak to us about your specific itinerary so that we can share details of how your visit will have a positive impact, and visit our responsible tourism page for more information.

Nobody likes applying for visas. And while we can provide guidance and information, we can’t – sadly –  arrange your visas for you. Your Travel Expert is the best-placed person to direct you toward the appropriate place. They’re always happy to help you answer any queries you might have.

Your safety is our utmost priority and so it is essential that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover your trip. You can find a few of our top recommended providers here.

Please be aware it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re covered for all possible vaccinations or medications needed for your trip. We are not qualified physicians, so please speak with your doctor to ensure you are up to date on your recommended vaccinations. Often vaccinations need to be given well over a month prior to departure to have reached full efficacy.


We love hearing about our clients’ adventures. Upon your return, we’ll send you our feedback form. This includes questions and rating your recent trip. If you’d like to discuss your trip in greater detail, our Client Experience team will arrange a suitable time to have a full phone-based chat. We always appreciate it when our clients leave their thoughts on our Trust Pilot, Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google Review page, as it’s a great way for travellers to share experiences and recommendations with each other.

In the framework of our Referral Program, when you refer us to friends, family or colleagues, you will receive a Travel Voucher of 100 EUR, each time somebody referred by you books with us.

The  referred holiday must be 7 days or longer. 

The Voucher can be used for travel services with us. The validity of the Voucher is one year, starting within one month after the referred client comes back from the holiday. The Voucher can be used only for bookings when the referrer is traveling him/herself and is not transferable to others.

For more details, get in touch at 

Returning Clients get discounts, treats & gifts for their next trip. Special Terms and Conditions apply. Please get in touch at for more details.

Depending on the destination, your Travel Expert will either work with you directly or hand you over to the appropriate expert.

Absolutely. Just get in touch with us and we’ll start planning something special. From honeymoons to family travel, solo adventures to milestone memories, foodie-focussed excursions to well-routed road trips, and conservation projects to balmy beachside retreats, we love the challenge of creating something bespoke. Tell us your wishes and we’ll get planning.

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