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Anakao Ocean Lodge

Anakao | Madagascar

Boutique beach hotel located in a half-moon bay in Anakao, in the south-west of Madagascar. One of the best places to stay in the area, with running water, beautiful facilities and spacious rooms.

Location: Anakao Ocean Lodge is located at the turn of a splendid laf-moon bay in Anakao, south-west of Madagascar. Anakao is a small village located 35 km south of Tulear.

How to get here: Fly to Tuléar and take a speedboat (10-22 pax) which departs once a day in the morning at 09:30. The sea conditions can be rough. The transfer takes 1 hour. It is not a good idea to go by road, as you will have to detour for 280 km because there is no bridge at St Augustin and it can take the whole day.

Structure: Anakao Ocean Lodge has really beautiful facility. The whole property is made out of stone and local raw materials and are oriented towards the lagoon, placed in parallel to the beach. The family bungalows have two levels. There’s a restaurant is in the center of the square and a wellness center. The lunch and diner menu is based on fresh seafood or vegetarian options. Here you can go surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving and more. 

Why staying here: In Anakao most of lodges are basic eco-lodges and many don’t have running water in the bungalows. This one is one of the few with running water and upscale compared to the rest. NOTE: The northern coast of Tulear is nicer than Anacao, it has a whiter and finer sand, the lagoon is huge and turquoise. 

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