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Ecolodge le Ravoraha

Ile Sainte Marie | Madagascar

An award winning boutique ecolodge located on the southern tip of Ile Sainte Marie, in the eastern part of Madagascar. Really beautiful grounds, lush tropical garden and spacious suites at the seafront, right on the beach. There is a tree house perfect for watching the whales right from your bedroom and a pirates rum tavern to take you back in time

Location: Ecolodge le Ravoraha is located in the southern part of Ile Sainte Marie in Madagascar. The lodge is 5-min away from the airport, right at the edge of the beautiful lagoon.

How to get here: You can take a short 50-min flight from Antananarivo to Sainte Marie (SMS) or, alternatively, you can take a long 7-hour bus ride to Tamatave and then continue to Mahambo for another 3 hours, where you can take a ferry the next morning. The ferry takes around 3,5 hours. Once landed, take a 5-min transfer to the lodge.

Structure: Ecolodge le Ravoraha bungalows are arranged in an arc facing the beach. You will have direct access to a beautiful white sand beach with coconut trees. The lodge has 1 tree-house which is an excellent observatory for the whales, 1 superior bungalow, 5 double bungalows, 2 family duplex bungalows and 4 suites. The accommodation is surrounded by a lush tropical garden and are tastefully decorated, combining a tradition design and modern comfort. There is electricity and hot water supplied by solar panels. The restaurant serves Malagasy and French specialties.The original cocktail bar, or shall we say a pirate’s tavern, serves local home-made rums and has a pure pirate spirit! Taste rums of all flavours, like ginger, coffee, vanilla, lychees, pepper and more.

Why staying here: You can swim just in front of Ecolodge le Ravoraha because the water here has a good depth and there are no sea urchins or mokafohy, which is very rare in Sainte Marie. The hotel is very close to the airport and you can even come by foot within 5 minutes or take a tuk-tuk. 

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