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Juma Amazon Lodge

Amazonas | Brazil

A beautifully built jungle lodge, located in the south of Manaus. Immerse in the rainforest and learn everything about the Amazon. Here you have a chance to climb up the giant trees, swim with pink dolphins and spot sloths

Location: Juma Amazon Lodge is located in a remote and untouched region 100 km (62 miles) southeast of Manaus, in the area of Autazes, Brazil. Situated on a peninsula surrounded by the Juma River, it has a fully preserved area of 7,000 hectares.

How to get here: Fly to Manaus (MAO) and take a 3 hours road + boats transfer to the lodge. The famous Meeting of the Waters is on the way. The trip can also be made by hydroplane upon request and takes 30 minutes. 

Structure: Juma Amazon Lodge features 19 intimate bungalows seamlessly nestled into the lush surroundings of the Amazon Rainforest. In order to accommodate the water levels of the wet season (often rising up to 15 meters / 49 feet), the property was built on stilts upon solid ground resting at treetop level. Juma Lodge is rustic yet beautiful, offering an optimized blend of authenticity and comfort. The lodge’s footprint is minimalist, yet elegant in concept. All bungalows have private bathrooms with hot water solar systems, porches with hammocks and ceiling fans ideal for the Amazonian night, which tends to be far cooler than Manaus.

Why staying here: Juma is located in a black water region, so there are almost no mosquitoes there. The proximity to the Equator ensures year-round warm weather. While the Amazon region is great to visit anytime of year, it is home to two distinct seasons:

a) March to August, the water level rises to 15 meters (49 ft). This is the ideal moment to see the lush, flooded lands, known as igapó, in all of their glory

b) September to February when the level of the rivers reaches its lowest point, crowding the fish together and making them easier to catch for both animal predators and fishermen. You are also more likely to spot caymans.  

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