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Tipilikwani Mara Safari Camp

Masai Mara | Kenya

A luxury tented camp with family suites located in Masai Mara, near Sekenani Gate. Expect to see herds of elephants or giraffes just on the other side of the river, easily spotted from the open lounge area. The pool is fantastic and the tents super spacious. Recommended stay: starting with 3 nights.

Location: Tipilikwani Mara Safari Camps is a luxury camp situated  on the banks of Talek River, overlooking the vast plains of Masai Mara, where vast herds of wildlife co-exist with the colourfully dressed Masai people. A large herd of giraffes can be spotted just near the hotel most of the time, on the other side of the river. One can relax by the large pool or in the hammocks.

How to get here: Fly to Olkiombo airstrip and then transfer by land to the camp, or take a 6-hour road transfer from Nairobi.

Structure: Tipilikwani’s 20 tents enjoy river frontage and are decorated with warm, rich Masai colours. The family tents have a stand-alone bath tub in addition to showers. Excellent food, personalized service and traditional Kenyan hospitality further compliment the prime location. The tents are very spacious and the beds super comfortable. They warm the beds with hot water bottles at night and that offers great coziness during chillier Mara nights.

Why staying here: Game drives offer the unforgettable opportunity to enjoy the diversity of animals and birds living permanently in the Masai Mara. One can also learn more about the Masai people, proud pastoralists and warriors, many of whom still retain their traditional nomadic lifestyle. The camp is both close to the village and the national park. 

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