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Biza Hotel

Maroansetra | Madagascar

New modern hotel with bungalows, tucked away on near the beach, in Maroansetra. A great place for relaxing before and after your trip to Masoala. The beach is 2 minutes away and you will find all the modern comfort in this remote area of Madagascar

Location: Biza Hotel is located in the town of Maroantsetra, 15 minutes from the airport. This is a region in the north-east of Madagascar. The hotel is placed in front of a lake, just 02 minutes walk from the beach, in front of Nosy Manga Be. This is the gateway to the beautiful rainforest of Masoala with endemic wildlife and fascinating beaches.

How to get here: Fly from Antananarivo to Maroansetra (WMN) on Friday and Monday and take a short transfer to the hotel.

Structure: The 20 luxury bungalows are equipped with all modern comforts: air conditioner, television, hot water, safe, mini-bar. Each bungalow have large verandas, and the place is surrounded by coconut trees and lush vegetation. One of the newest and nicest places you will find in this remote region of Madagascar. The restaurants serves a refined tropical cuisine.

Why staying here: This is one of the best options in town for the gateway to Masoala Forest. One needs to stay in Maroansetra one day before departing to Masoala and one day before flying out, to connect well with the scheduled flights. The hotel uses sustainable practices and is nicely integrated in the environment. 

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