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Lodge des Terres Blanches

Majunga | Madagascar

Small fly-in resort located on the beach in the remote north-western part of Madagascar. Visit the marvelous "Ha Long Bay" of Madagascar, pristine rivers and beaches and baobab forests. Meet the lovely wild Sifaka lemurs

Location: The eco-resort Les Terres Blanches is located on the north-west coast of Madagascar, 90 km from the seaside resort of Majunga. The long coastline is virgin and there are some exceptional geological formations such as the red circus, tsingis and caves. The long sandy beach has crystal clear water and coral reefs.

How to get here: This place is far away from everything. It is an unexplored part of Madagascar with extremely beautiful sites. The place is inaccessible by car from Antananarivo and you need to fly in a charter flight from Antananarivo. The duration of the flight is 1 hour 45 min. The eco-resort Les Terres Blanches nests in a preserved place only accessible by boat or private plane.

Structure: Lodge des Terres Blanches has 12 bungalows which can accommodate around 30 peoples. The suites combine traditional architecture with modern decoration. The bungalows overlook the Mozambique Chanel, they have modern bathrooms and a living room that can be transformed into a children’s room. Ideal for a family or couple looking for comfort in nature. Beach slippers and towels are provided. Bluetooth speaker that will allow you to listen to your music with your smartphone or with a USB key available at the reception.

Why staying here: This place is far from mass tourism and the beaten path, it is an eco-lodge which respects the environment and nature. They have a solar installations. Visit the small pristine beaches by boat, paddle along the mangrove de Kirambo, visit the impressive Cirque Rouge by boat, practice water sports, snorkelling and diving. The highlight is the Moramba Bay which resembles the Vietnamese Ha Long Bay. There is also a baobab forest.

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